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by avancna

For a quick sketch, this image is remarkably thought-provoking and effective. Without knowing the story behind extradimensional Biophob...


I've been working on the back-story of my Pathfinder gaming character, and this is someone he met about a hundred years before the game ran. He and his company were exploring an underground fortress and stumbled upon channels going deeper into an underground city. Once there, their leader Foz Magellan quickly realized that they were way in over their heads, as they had discovered a Drow colony, and he warned the younger version of my character Regel to avoid contact with dark elves at all cost--noting also that they were a matriarchal society with powerful women, so in particular avoid contact with any dark elf women who seemed particularly proficient with magic. Next, he gets separated from the party, turns around, and runs into this person--literally, almost knocking her and himself over. They both immediately throw charm spells at each other.

Regel then learns that Kryethyl wants to get to the surface to get revenge on the party that built the underground fortress in the first place, for their willful disregard of the fungal ecosystem and the lives the construction cost. So, Regel invites her to join his traveling company, the Vendetta Brotherhood.

Regel recounts what happened to him after he got separated from the others, though he leaves out what Kryethyl and Regel did after the two hit each other with charm spells. Foz then reminds him that elves are immune to charm-type enchantments.
Another realm: undersea city
From DragonCon Night at the Georgia Aquarium, model: Cathey Coolidge. Photographer: myself.

As I took this photo, I felt I had found a portal into one of many alternate realms, happening upon an elvish woman in an undersea city.
I have taken up werewolf costuming over the past year and a half. I'm trying to be more vigilant in getting documentation of the creative process as I begin work on my third piece. The first, Snowblast, is all white, and he was designed as a proof-of-concept, to see if I could do it and to develop skills. I figured white was good for hiding mistakes along the way. He came out far better than hoped, right up until towards the end. His back looks a bit wonky, and he's got a perpetual teeth-baring snarl--though the latter isn't necessarily a problem, depending on the occasion. But, I learned that cheap thread from China breaks easily and makes for frequent need for repairs. I also learned how hot lycra and fur in two layers can be. My second outfit, code named "New Black Wolf," fixes all of these problems and has significant improvements in mobility, visibility, and visual detail. My only gripe is that the jaw doesn't articulate the way I want it.

I had several fixes in mind to Snowblast, mainly to the back. But, as I thought about the design fixes, I thought about redoing the ankles, portions of the head, and... soon I found myself instead starting a new project, tentatively titled "Snowblast 2.0." Today I hit a pretty big snag. The fur I wanted to use wasn't available, either at Joann's or Hancock. They have white fur, but it's either very short and sheep-y or thin and attached to a stiff and lifeless fabric underneath. I could use the later to make the back modifications I originally had in mind, but using it on a new build for a whole body wouldn't work. So, Snowblast 2.0 will likely revert to fixes to the original costume.

But, I've already started work on something. I've got jaws on wire frames. Now I'm faced with the daunting decision of going forward with color. Wolf colors are dramatic and vivid. Going all black and all white helped me skip that part. There were several good lupine color furs in each shop, but making the colors blend believably will be tricky. Now comes to choosing between tan and grey, or figuring how to mix the two.
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