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My Darkness

I am surrounded by those
who love me.

Family, Friends. They all
ask "why do you feel so alone,
you're not alone, you have us."

But  I. Am. Alone.

I'm Alone in here.
In those places
only your true
love can fill.

I wait, now. For the
one who will make
me feel whole

Until she finds me,
I will be alone.

I was whole once
but I lost her, I was
a fool and I lost my love.

I would give anything
to have her back. I am
haunted by her ghost


I would give everything
to just hear her say
that she forgives me,

until that day,

until I am found,

I will be alone,

I will be in darkness.

-S.A.F. May 5th 2011
I've opened all my windows
and doors,
Open my closets and my
secret places.

Are you brave enough to
stay, and fill my dark halls with your light?
Are you strong enough to
stay, and drive this loneliness away?

Where are you? The one who knows
my heart, who knows my soul..
Without you, I am lost.
I am just a shadow.

I wait, I wander in
I need your light to
save me.

-S.A.F. May 1 - 2011

I remember an embrace,
a kiss, the smell of you.

I remember the look,
of being wanted.

I remember all of it, but
I forget how it feels.

I forget how it felt
to be human.

Forgotten how it feels
to be a man.

And over time, as all those
memories flood back.

In the dark of the

I weep for what
has been lost..

-SAF May 2 2011
Memories Of You

I wait..I'm sick, black,
a feeling of doom lays upon

I've become invisible, I've
become nothing, for who
would want this wreck,

I've become like an
old friendly novel that
you read to escape your
pain and your sorrows,

You come to me, after so
long. You open me, look upon my
words, feel how I love you,

I was written for you, for
you alone,

And inevitably, as your fear,
and your pain subside

You close me.

place me a shelf, leaving
me unfinished, as I wait.

As I suffer the
memories of you.

- SAF May 2, 2011
I have been a Manga (comic book) creator for most of my life.  From background artist on Tim Vigil's Faust and EO then to my star spanning space operatic beginning in Rebel Studios four issues of DARKSTAR.  Then I was co-writer and co-penciller of Meccalapolis in Rebel's Anthology boo  Raw Media Mag #3.  I've been there.

Now I am in a place I never expected to be never planned to be, and I shall remain here for a time.  The only thing that has kept me sane and gives me purpose is my work, my art, and the words that I created long ago.  I visit them now most of the time.  Those words I created when I was a young, odd, and awkward boy when all I had were my comics and my pencil and paper.  I created friends, and I created villains.  I birthed a world, the worlds I brought to life in DARKSTAR.  

Now I have revisited and re imagined them and re designed them and re titled the series:  THE BALVORIAN CHRONICLES.  In the next few months, I will post new designs and pages and other stuff so you can see what is happening  Issue zero of the BALVORIAN CHRONICLES is almost completed.  It is the re imagined telling of DARKSTAR issues 1 to 4.

If you wnt to write to me you can.  I would greatly appreciate it.  It is like I said, I never expected to be here, never expected to make a terrible mistake that has cost me everything I was.  All I have is my work and you who are reading this.  

I need help managing this site.  If you can help, let me know.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Scott Frantz 29512050
PO Box 1010
Bastrop, TX 78602