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The City

Pencil sketch painted with Adobe Photoshop CS
Black and white[link]
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a spankin good time for my eyes!
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OMG! Dali meets Escher and they drop acid in NYC. Actually, it's far beyond that. I love this in more ways than I can count.
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Absolutely breath-taking *____* I remember that I once have seen this incredibly trippy painting on the net 3 or 4 years ago
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Wow, Dali would cry!
its color took my breath away
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Amazing work!!!
LucaRossiMartini's avatar
Simply Wonderful!!!
talknbouttheroogirl's avatar
I love every bit of this! I wish i could create like you!
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Simply stunning ~ wonderful work! :deviation: :rose: Coco
galinkaE's avatar
Awesome!!! actually, it reminds me somehow of Salvador Dali's art, and I really like it:)
JmacMade's avatar
this is just amazing!!
MarkJayBee's avatar
Excellent! :clap: Very Daliesque, in a nice, wobbly kind of way! ;)
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I bought the large print of this and it's really amazing.
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thats great! I haven't seen one off here yet. thanks for the feedback!
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I have seen many awesome works here on Da....omfg :jawdrop:

it looks like S. Dali painted on digital,
man you are a Genious :love: :date: :icongimmekissplz:

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Oh thank you very much! It's great to be reconnected again!
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Amazing work. I followed it here from DesignFlavr. I love the curvy forms and intense colour. IMO I would have preferred to see a near-empty sky (or just low opacity clouds) to play off the very complex ground level. Top notch work none the less :thumbsup:
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Thanks! And for the critique. I'm always open to a new eye, and I see your point, so I put the clouds more in the background! It looks better. I think. I had been unsatisfied with them too.
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Soo cool :D Great work man :D lol
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This work is like a modern expression of Giorgio de Chirico. Incredible work.
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