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Current Residence: Spuyten Duyvil, Riverdale, Bronx, New York -- as of midJune 2013: Formerly Silicon Valley.
That photograph of me is from about 1980.

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Little Big Man. The Final Cut. The Duellists.
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Milch. Simon. Whedon. Burns. Sorkin.
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Kenton. Zappa. Ellis.
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Lew Welch and Beryl Markham

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Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

About 4½ hours ago, while I was fast asleep, a dA note was sent to me: Hi -ScottEllington from GrudgingHeron8 ( to ScottEllington (  Hey ScottEllington! Our deviantart team chose YOU for a $100 gift card (yay!) from post Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest. Go here: P.S: If you do not collect within 24 hrs we will give it to another user. Have fun! GrudgingHeron8 also followed me. (As if that makes an iota of sense.) And here's the only "Mirror, mirror...": I left no comment, just a fave. The smell of bullshit and whimsy mixed to the extent that I entered GrudgingHeron8's first profile message,

Action figures

Action figures

I conflated a few things that may or may not be separate phenomena. My primary interest is in the advancement of the art and craft of photography. Lower than that desire is the increase of my understanding of the art and craft of photography. For reasons I don't understand, almost all photographs of "people and portraits" here and in sites like dA are surprisingly similar They're shot at or near eye level with the subject. The subject is a single, idle caucasian female stuck at the center of the frame (not unlike a pinned butterfly specimen). I've noticed these subjects are almost never actually doing anything. Instances of dancing ar

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grandartProfessional Photographer
Thanks for the suggestion Scott. It is now a journal entry.
Thank you, Peter.
I feel like Jedediah Leland citing Charles Foster Kane

Jedediah Leland: [about Kane's "Declaration of Principles"] I'd like to keep that particular piece of paper myself. I have a hunch it might turn out to be something pretty important. A document...

Mr. Bernstein: Sure!

Jedediah Leland: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and my first report card at school. 

Or us telling Wix, "We told you shitheads NOT to jump the pooch, screw the shark, get a dumber boat!"

thanks for the fav
Your reflected window (of opportunity) is almost visible in the catchlight in the rabbit's eye,
or some such wonky metaphor.
it is there, just barely
That's what they said about Everest!
Vibra-LynxProfessional Photographer
Thanks Scott for adding to your Journal Posts 

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