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Volcanic - Brush Set 1

Volcanic - Brush Set #1

5 Defined Brushes for your use of creativity

Made in Photoshop CS3+


Other Info:
My first brush set. Enjoy!

EDIT: 12/21/2011
5,000! DL'S WOOHOO!! Thanks everyone! :)
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Thanks for sharing such a great material~

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I used these brushes here  Panel: Inferno 2 by QueenCordite

Thanks, they're perfect!
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I used there here  Inferno by QueenCordite  Thanks for providing! They were amazingly helpful.
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These are perfect!
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i've used your great brushes here: but the wind was stronger

thank you :heart:
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used this again: [link] ... thank you, again for sharing it
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[link] I used these here~
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Used your brushes here [link]
Hope you like it! ;)
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Downloading, and will *definitely* link you the drawing I use it on. :D
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Hi! Used your pack here => [link]
Thx for sharing your brushes. :)
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Very nice, I'm eager to try these out.
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I've used your wonderful brushes here [link]
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Ooh, these look great! Thanks!!
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Not a problem. :)
These look great
Just the kind of brushes I've been looking for
Do you think I could get PS7 compatable version?
I would be eternally greatfull
Great set Scott, keep it up mate.
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Will do, thanks.:D
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Cool, definitely using these. Good to see you around Scott. :P
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