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dont give a damn about nuthin

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Mature  |  Published: July 2, 2009
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i have an interesting life.

today, i got "stood up", kinda. i had a bad feeling about todays appointment. she booked it a few weeks ago, (which is pretty much the pattern lately, all of july is completely filled, every day except for the 4th, more than half of august is filled now too..... what fucking recession?), so i was concerned and wanted to confirm things.

i called her yesterday and got her voice mail, twice. i left nice messages, saying i'm still good for tomorrow and see you soon and stuff. no big deal. called her again this morning, got her voice mail again. now, at this point i should have said fuck it and went to the pool. but instead i did what i always do, i did my job, got into my car and drove the 2 hours to just outside of philly to her house. there, in the driveway was a moving van. not only had she forgotten about the appointment, but had i been a little late, she wouldn't have even lived there anymore.


she was so nice and paid us anyway for making the trip, and rescheduled for what was my last open day in july.

this left me with nothing to do and all day to do it.

any sane person would have went home, maybe after a lunch somewhere in the city, not us. i says to sara "whose in philly?", sara says to me "maggie.... robin..." i says to sara, "maggie got the last one, today is robin"

i calls robin and robin says "lets go"

we proceed to spend the next hour or so looking for a good spot to put naked girls in front of, this is what we found:

then i came home. it was a good day, sometimes it's nice to get "stood up"
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jwiest's avatar
jwiestHobbyist Digital Artist
Serendipity...what're ya gonna do?
bowman82's avatar
bowman82Hobbyist Photographer
cool pic...schulkill river, manayunk

hope yer ladies showered after bein in that water!
Ultrasonic-Echoes's avatar
I don't think I have ever seen power lines attached to or running across a bridge before in my entire life, or have just failed to notice until now.
ArtandPhoto4's avatar
LMAO life is so rough sometimes!!!!!
JessieAlan's avatar
Serin-fuckin-dipity-do ...
JennaisFine's avatar
I absolutley love some of natural backdrops that you discover. You make me wish that I was in some of your pics or at least could find places like you do to shoot. Keep up the great work that you do and I promise to continue to admire and enjoy it.
werewolf-z's avatar
werewolf-zHobbyist Digital Artist
35mil's avatar
It reminds me of a Winston Link image :)
keropi-kun's avatar
keropi-kun Digital Artist
hey, im gonna be real honest... nice asses! i really like the scene, the whole set-up even
cyrano82's avatar
cyrano82Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful shot.
Funny the way their skin color matches the color of the bridge, between blue and green :D
VENEZOLANO777's avatar
i want to marry the girl on the left.. lol... she is HERMOSAAA!! :D
theSIGNer's avatar
theSIGNerHobbyist Traditional Artist
"nothing to do and all day to do it" this sums up most of my days... :(
I don't have the luck of having (or knowing) models around my town, or 2 hours away even ;)
5ammu's avatar
I can't think many better ways to spend the day with, glad you got something out of philly.

Great picture, the colors are brilliant. You managed to find a perfect location for shooting, good job!
substar's avatar
It was all worth it in the big picture of things ... but yeah, you truly are a good soul! It's one thing moving, but for goodness sake, check your phone messages!! Idiot people :-(
OsmynOree's avatar
OsmynOreeProfessional Photographer
that story alone is seriously why i love your work and why i love photography, spontaneity can be the best inspiration and its great :) great work like always scott your a constant inspiration :)
DavidLawrence's avatar
DavidLawrenceProfessional Photographer
Where's the soap??? I expect nothing less than excellence for you is the produce that...well done my friend...How are you doing and when are we shooting together?
Rapinha's avatar
great shooting point!
Coyttl's avatar
So, oddest question of the day (well, maybe other than the shopping question) - in a case like that, do you end up paying the model for her time, does she pay you, or is it a mutual "we got nothin' to do, let's make somethin' of it!"?
ratravarman's avatar
ratravarmanHobbyist Photographer
You talent for improvisation knows no bounds and is especially enviable given that those options you mentioned would likely have been considered. However, the opportunity to create takes precedence, even more now that I am motivated to hustle to do so. I thank you for further inspiring me in that regard. I regret you haven't had any workshops so far, but you continue to inspire and instruct in your own way and that is what counts. Thank you for this monument to persistence in the pursuit if creating beauty! :clap: :w00t: :beer:
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MatttowlerProfessional General Artist
I say that sure makes up for being stood up!
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