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Sylenth VST gui design

A remix of the Sylenth gui :D

not functioning yet and i dont know if it ever will! :D

the overglow is too mutch .... i ll fix it someday cheers

Some more Sylenth1 skins from me:……

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can you please tell me the name of the skin in the offial sylenth1

I'm Sort Of New Here . Call Me Jedi Castle Knight 21 !!

Always wanted to know, do you have a separate image for
every movement on the knobs and keys (pressed down)?
Excellent work FL Studio Gang
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Hi yes my friend that's how it is done! Thank you!
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Wait a designed the Sylenth VST GUI? Yo, I have this chumpie chillin' in one of my external Hard Drives! Never knew you designed this. What other VSTs have you worked on?
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Hey, I did these skins long time ago but they were never official. Just a sneak peak, I am working on a new skin for Sylenth 3! More info soon
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I'm surprised you haven't been sought after for some GUI designs, esp with VSTs. This shit is Hyperslick. :nod:
How I can get this ?
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hi my friend, not available. Maybe in future :)
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Awesome work! I like the glow :-)
i want this gui in my sylenth please!!!!!!! 
good job
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Very sexy. The overglow might be a tad too much if you sit in a dark environment and work with it but dayum it looks good! Will this ever be released? =)
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yeah man! indeed, thanks
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amazing Work...:) (Smile) 
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Will this work with Sylenth for Mac ?
wow man this is amazing O.O i hope you release it one day
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yeah thnx I hope too
why don't u just do as PapaHuge suggests and release these skins for the public? There sure is a high demand for them so it would be highly appreciated, Lennar won't implement these skins unless they are releasing a new synth and that is not very likely to happen in a while, and that new synth would look different with different GUI so i see no reason why not to release them..:)
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hahaha you are right my friend, i have it in mind, but also 1000 other things are in my mind/... so sorry
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Nice Skin, I'm in the process of making my own at the moment
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oh nice! good luck :>)
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Great skin, I love the glow, it gives it a really sweet feel to it!!
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