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E.V.O Ver. 2oo8


Hello!! friends, I hope some of you still remember me. Any ways trying to make a comeback after almost 2 years of gap.

The desk may look outdated, have to catch up with the other desk modders. Have to stock my HD with all the skins & icons that I missed in this time.

Desktop Details...

WindowBlinds :: Fantastic By ?.
Wallpaper :: Color Symphony By ~k3-studio
Icons :: Stickers Vol. I & II By David Lanham.
Programs :: AveDesk, FindeXer, Yz Dock, Miranda, Styler , Tclock & TLB.

Related Links...

Featured Art :: Ultraviolet Vector By ~oooAdAooo.
Featured Icon :: White-Startpack By ~Marcaemond.
Faetured Music :: Discovery By Daft Punk.
Featured Desktop I :: E.V.O Ver. 2oo6.
Featured Desktop II :: E.V.O Ver. 2oo5.

Credits to...

K3-Studio, David Lanham, Ada & Marcaemond.

P.S :: Guys if you do like this desk, please add the work of original artists(mentioned above in credits) in your Fav.

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scubabliss's avatar
Good luck with the re-stocking thing...great comeback!:nod::clap:
ShekharPalash's avatar
Welcome back dude!
Good to see you after long time...
Scott-Evo's avatar
Thanxxx pal. :thanks:

Missed modding a lot. :)
Jaziel's avatar
Scott!! nice desk man :P
I'm glad to see you here againm:) ¿Will you return to deskmod soon? we need some competition :D
because Deskmod are too dead :(
Scott-Evo's avatar
Thanxxx bro. :)

Trying my best. :P
rohit123's avatar
back with a bang , well done mate
dysmatik's avatar
Great to see you back Scott :peace::stormtrooper:
Scott-Evo's avatar
Thanxxx so much m8. :)
VInci1618's avatar
hey bro nice desk ::D
MarineForce's avatar
Yeah, Scott is back :shh:
Scott-Evo's avatar
Yep, trying My Best. :boogie:
CharsiBevda's avatar
korrea's avatar
nice shot mate!!!
OniRespect's avatar
EVoooo!! long time no see!
Everything okey my friend?
welcome back m8!
Beautiful desk! (:
Scott-Evo's avatar
Yep, been long... but back now :D
Thanxxx so much for the :+fav:, appreciate a lot. :)
Angelo975's avatar
Wow, welcome back bro!! ^^
Scott-Evo's avatar
Thnaxxx pal & thanxxx for the :+fav:

There... i like ur avatar a lot. :thumbsup:
Angelo975's avatar
Thanks to you bro :)
drudragon's avatar
Dude is back, where have you been!

Great desk mate, really cool
sasikiran's avatar
evo returns ~
nice colorful shot dude :thumbsup: ;)
Scott-Evo's avatar
for sure ~

Thanxxx so much for the :+fav: mate. :)
waperock's avatar
welcome back and nice shot again
pfaf's avatar
great desk... I thought you were dead!
Marcaemond's avatar
Wow! You are using my icons :O
Thanks you :)

Nice desk :P
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