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Sodas : Beginner Quest /3 by Scotis Sodas : Beginner Quest /3 by Scotis
It had been a long and tiring night, exhaustion making your knees shake and eyes droop. With a defeated snort, you fall into a light slumber, occasionally waking up to check your surroundings for a potential threat. Soon enough, the sun begins to peek over the horizon, its warm rays blanketing you with light. Stretching, you blink the sleep from your eyes, yawning slightly. What do you decide to do?

[A] Head to the river to quench your thirst.]
B] Grab a quick bite at the clearing.
C] Head out once more.

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NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist

Feeling quite thirsty from the events of the other night, you decide to get a drink, making your way to the river bank and lowering your head as you puckered your lips. You take long full gulps of water, the liquid cooling and refreshing. You were feeling quite relaxed when suddenly, SLAP! Out of nowhere a fish comes flying out of the water, slapping you on the cheek and rebounding onto the bank. You stare at it with wide eyes, unsure as to how to proceed. You were going to push it back into the water when you hear a loud bird call, a raven was watching you intently from the cover of the trees. What do you do?

A] Push the fish back in
B] Give the fish to the Raven

NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
This has earned you 34 Diamonds !


Now that you’re ready to continue your journey, you find yourself at a loss as to where to go. You huff and swish your tail, your indecisiveness agitating you. After a few moments of careful thinking, you choose your path, speeding to a trot in eagerness. Where did you decide to go?

A] The mountains on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
B] The forest on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
C] The plains on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
D] The desert on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
E] The tropics on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
F] The marsh on [Sidus/Litus/Vastus/Conplura/Paullus/Captualis Isle]
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July 4, 2017
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