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Sodas : Beginner Quest /2 by Scotis Sodas : Beginner Quest /2 by Scotis
Opting to stay calm and silent, you noiselessly head for the bushes, head held low as you hide. The bushes were quite dense, managing to cover you well, the dogs barks and howls fading into the distance. Now that the initial threat was over, it was dire time you look for shelter. You cross the river, belly deep in water. After exiting the river and shaking off you leave the area, lifting your head up you:

A] Decide to spend the night by the river bank
[B] Decide to spend the night in a nearby cave. ]
C] Decide to spend the night among the bushes. 

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horsefreek151 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
This gains you 47 Diamonds!
You open your eyes to the sight of the sun. As you get up to leave, you can't help but notice something softly shining behind you a little further into the cave. Being a curious cat, you decide to investigate. Moving small rocks out of the way with your muzzle you find some small Rose Quartz gems! You gain 48 Rose Quarts!
It had been a long and tiring night, exhaustion making your knees shake and eyes droop. With a defeated snort, you fall into a light slumber, occasionally waking up to check your surroundings for a potential threat. Soon enough, the sun begins to peek over the horizon, its warm rays blanketing you with light. Stretching, you blink the sleep from your eyes, yawning slightly. What do you decide to do?

A] Head to the river to quench your thirst.
B] Grab a quick bite at the clearing.
C] Head out once more.

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