General Rules of Thumb - Owners Information

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*You must be a member in order to own one. This means you'll get the updates in case something changes, if there's recalls, if there's issues, etc. It's important to know what's going on within a breed and being a member insures you know. We are not responsible if you aren't notified of something we've done and announced through the journals.

*Account deactivations without noting the group of stable moving automatically mean that the horses you own will be taken back from the group and rehomed. This goes for accounts that have been announced as abandoned as well. We are not responsible for replacing or recalling these horses if you do not do this.

*Ask if you have questions or don't understand something. Most of the more complex genes and calculations are done behind the scenes, so you don't have to worry about understanding that. Even still, if you have questions about that, or want to know more, feel free to note the group and ask.

If you don't understand something about the requirements of foal ownership, or need more information, again, please ask. We want to make this as simple as possible for more enjoyment of those who are owners.
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