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keep tryin

this was just a response 2 a post on tumblr but im postin it here too cuz its neat
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This is so true. I started drawing some weeks ago and I think my pictures are good, but compared to my favorites here, damn I really have to learn.
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I've seen it once and tried to find for ages. Now my friend found it for me. This is the best response for all kids that search for fast way of improving and the only one fast way of improving is to work more and harder.

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Who is the author of the comic?
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and don't forget to search for  futher reference, not just for the complicated stuff but for the basics
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Don't draw on Xerox paper. You have nobody but yourself to blame for getting demoralised if you make your output look smaller than it is.
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Yeah... That's too accurate tbh. If I counted all the drawings I did during these almost 9 years of me drawing almost daily I'd go crazy over it :D not to mention that I have lost like 90% of all those drawings already.

And then compare my tiny pile of drawings to those of professional artists..... 
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this... was actually really helpful. Thank you. I'm going to go draw now <3
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I need to consider this more
lol good response
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Thats not me because i can't draw xD
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Oh that’s me ;-;
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lots of love. thank you, scotchi
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Thats sooooooo me...
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this is exactly what happens with me when people see my art
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Most relatable thing i've seen all year, my art kinda sucks and i look at all of the awesome art out there that is so smooth detailed or perfectly fitting of the style they need, and here I am like WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT HOW U DO SO GUD?
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I think that not only drawin a lot helps you. You need to DETECT what do you think you're doing wrong. Like if you draw your characters with one arm longer than the other then you notice that you need to improve your anatomy. But yeah, still true you draw a lot to get good
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