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DeviantART v7 fullview fix

By Scortis
The fullview solution on dAv7 is finally the most hated thing on it

I have a fix for you. This ain't gonna help problem with normal visitors, who aren't using this script, to view image in the original quality, which is a problem if user wants e.g. buy a print. But it can help you to browse through deviantART and look at the artworks.

This user script adds a button Full View to a bar with download, buy a print etc. Clicking this button shows you a deviation in original dimensions.

What you need
Greasemonkey extension for Firefox
GreaseKit for Safari
Opera supports it natively - for more info click here
For Internet Explorer you can use IE7Pro
And finally here is a walkthrough how to install userscripts in Chrome

You can download script by hitting download button or using

Here is an image where you can test it [link]

Hope you like it ;). Please spread the word about this script.
:+fav:'s are mostly appreciated

Version 1.0 Initial release (with lot of previous testing versions :))
© 2010 - 2021 Scortis
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great tool!
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You can still get full view in v7 just by clicking on the image. What would really be nice is have it AUTOMATICALLY show images in full view.
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But this ain't real fullview which was in previous version of dA. It's just sized down original size after your monitor resolution :(. It, of course, causes quality downgrading. Try out to read small white text on this image [link]
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Still you should add the option to have it do fullview by default.
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How do i use this script in latest Opera, i don't have a any idea how to use scripts....can you help me a bit :)
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Sorry for delay. Follow the link in description or you can also use this walkthrough [link]
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You do know that many already have this...?
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Dunno. I haven't found any other working solution.
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Well in my travels I've found many if not most already have the 'download' option which is more or less what this is because you can then view it as it was uploaded. I assume it's up to the artist to enable this specifically - or disable it.
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You're right, but this is more comfortable, and by e.g. wallpaperpacks you download zip file instead of image. Yes you can unpack it, but as I said this is more comfortable way :)
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Each to their own of course ^~^
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