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2036: The Age of Fate

By Scortis
Story: In 2030 people colonized moon. From 2034 is being fighted third world war between C-Forces (USA, Europe Countries, Russia and Israel) and arab countries like Iraq, Iran, Saud Arabia, UAE, Egypt. China decided to stay neutral and is technologically very advancing. There are fights in Central Africa too. They're caused by founding new material - Terthium, which can be used for building starships or energy producing. Now is the war going to her end, because USA and Russia used new nuclear weapons against Iraq and Egypt. Looks like it'll be peace over world in a while, but ... Earth has been impacted by asteroid Apophis. It's total disaster., but fortunately is here still moon ...

Wallpaper resolutions:

Technical data:
Working time: approx 20 hours during 3 months
Programs used:
Terrain > World machine, Terragen
Buildings > C4D
Space & Postwork > Photoshop CS3
Original resolution: 5000x3333

- ^taenaron for some inspirating pieces
- many photo sources as, flickr, NASA images ...

Some 100% details > [link]

Comments, Critics and faves are very appreciated. :-)
© 2009 - 2021 Scortis
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NASA ruled out this impact in 2036!
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I hope you don't mind, but Iran is not an Arab country. 
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Awesome :omfg:
I liked how you put the asteroid Apophis, it fits quite nicely with the year!!
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Thank you. This was an elementary idea of this ;)
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did I mention that the building on the moon look like those of Atlantis in Stargate Atlantis 8-)
Scortis's avatar
Yes I was inspired by Atlantis style ;)
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:wave: Congratulations, this work has been featured here: [link]
Please visit the journal to look through other works and for information about a group contest!

I love the idea behind this. :)
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Thank you man ;)
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Blend it together,work on the shadows
Scortis's avatar
Blending and shadows it told me lotta people. May I will make edit. Thank you for comment man
Joker-Ta's avatar
no problem, u really should edit it, would look awsome!
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this is exquisite! it holds so many different messages! also, the Einstein quote is so true!
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This piece defines life. It's brilliant in so many ways, and I really admire the fact that you added and Einstein quote. That definitely topped up the whole montage of thought and effort that was evidently put into this.

I honestly hope to be an astronaut one day, and this gave me an incredible uplifting feeling.
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Looks good, a very interesting combination of elements
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The different 3D & non-3D parts aren't blended good. This makes the whole Wall paper look like a collage or a scramble. Good try though. Work on the texture lightning to blend the whole scene so that it will look like a one single piece
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I agree. And apophis is a small boulder, not a moon. :P
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I know, it's unrealistic. Asteroid of this size would turn Earth into just moon-sized pieces of dust :D. But if I chose real size it would be so small and on the image hardly noticable :)
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vyzera to super fakt ale ten meteroit na Zemi vyzera zle ako sry proti zbytku nemam nejake vyhrady
Scortis's avatar
Dík. Ještě to chci trochu předělat.
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I love the idea, well done :)
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