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mahadeva 3

By scorpy-roy
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after a long time this guy pop out

last year i was thinking of a fictional character - 'mahadeva', now while fooling around with water color, gave another shot.
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He is so scary! I like it :)
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thanks margaritka :D
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cool! do you draw comics?
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thanks - hmmm... haven't started yet, but i wish i will start soon.
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lovely colour control. i will have to learn that.
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well - i am heavily inspired by bimal das' illustrations, in my childhood days i used to copy him a lot. and now at my, err... what to say, second life - i am trying to get more closure to his style.

my another idol is alex ross, but he is a god - check his works and i afraid you won't be inspired, rather you might get frustrated :) - his works are just ultimate

and you are a great artist too :)
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i liked alex ross, but could not find bimal das in net. i will search for him. i assume that you are an animator also.
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you may not find 'bimal das' here - last time i checked for him or his illustrations i ended up with my profile image on da, as i mentioned him here in my profile :)

he has passed away several years ago - are you from wb? then you must know about 'anandamela' a children's fortnightly mag - we used to enjoy his illustrations from there.

however i was in animation near-about 5 years ago, but now i have shifted to graphics only and also trying my luck in web dev - and i have a dream that someday i will write and draw comics :)and make another animated film - my last effort was sei baksher khoje - unfortunately i couldn't cash it :(
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i saw the video. the animation was of quality. i don't find reason for it not being a hit. i thing it was equal to the animations shown in kids'channels like pogo or cartoon network.

well, i used to be an avid reader of 'anandamela' but i do not read it now as i lack time. i guess i must have seen bimal das' works then. i would like to mention about anup ray, another illustrator you should recognise. i am fond of him too much. well why don't you write in your profile/journals that you are an animator waiting for opportunity. i am sure you'll find some offers in DA.
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hmmm... 'time' is the only factor :) it takes many things away from ones world - thanks for watching sbk and thanks for your kind suggestion.

anup roy was one of my favourit artist in anandamela - and others were subroto chowdhury, subrota ganguly ( he was the one who could portray kakababu perfectly as like rebatibhusha for shibram or harshabardhan or gobardhan ) you may remember 'ma ek nirbhik sainik' or 'golper nam ala' by shailen ghosh - bimal das had illustrated them - btw from 1977 to 1986 bimal das created the covers of anandamela - remember tintin or capt. hadock in watercolor on front cover of anandamela - right?

till now i read anandamela and shuktara (hey i m 32 - ok?) - but can't find the pleasure as i felt in my childhood days - buro hoye jachchhi boss :)

btw are you in facebook? if so we can connect over there for a chat.
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i am 17 only, so couldn't read the issues of 77/86. i really miss reading it,but it is waste of money as i don't get enough time.

i am not in facebook. i think i will join by next year.
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I really like how you painted him. Sigh... I've always wanted to do watercolors, but I have to make my own to be comfortable with it. I'm a tree-hugger like that.
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if you have ever wanted to plant a tree, the best time would be 40 years earlier - and the second best is 'now'.

so start from today :)
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You know what... you're right! I was about to make some excuse about being way too busy, or not being totally independent (I know, stupid), but there's really nothing stopping me if I really want to try this. Thanks! ^^
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