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Love Bounce

Something totally random I thought was fun. :P
This is of course totally inspired by `CookiemagiK's :love: . :B

I'm trying out a totally new style. ;D Gradient-shading and transparency. :giggle:
u like? :trollface:

I dont know yet if I'm going to continue this style though.. :paranoid:


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Love hurts. Literally.  Love Bounce by Scorpion81
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:icontrollface: I have no problem with this. Pikachu Loves It Plz Here for your awsomeness have a fuzz ball.  :tribblela: 
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Love the animation. His face though xD 
TheBamas's avatar
hehe:woohoo: verry funnt well done hope it comes more
SaverCat's avatar
pppppppsssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh so cornie but i like it *starts giggling*
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love hurst :XD: love the smooth animation and the bounce
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Love the bouncing animation :)
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My pleasure :)
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I really love this!!! :love: I want to know how to make such a wonderful bounce and shaded heart :giggle:
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Buy using the Pencil tool... :B

loljustkidding :trollface:

I would make a tutorial cause a lot of people seem to like this guy, but I honestly wouldn't know how! D: I mean, I know how to make a basic tutorial and shit but the basic of this emote really is VERY simple :shrug: I guess the key was finding the right framerate and movement. ;D
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Mmm, framerate and movement are the parts I know next to nothing about :lmao: But I understand if doesn't suit a tutorial :giggle:
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I love that bounce. :dummy: Cute. :la:
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Lovely emote! :clap:
The animation is great, and the idea and the emote itself are adorable!
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Lol its looks so apathetic :heart:
Scorpion81's avatar
a-pathetic... ? :shifty: 's that good? :0
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