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.Ode to a Lion from the Tribe of Judah.
And I watch her flourish under the fountains of time
Free willed and free thinking with a presence undefined
She ravaged through my dreams and hid from me until all I have to find
Is her glowing smile and perfect face between the glances of my broken sight
I dare not say a word or make a gesture to entertain
Thoughts of never now and never again
I dare not dream or even begin to think of what was shown to me
As we were the last ones left to redefine eternity
Regardless of how much conviction lay inside
there is no god, no premonition that will suffice
To compensate for the downfall and the brokenness
That pierced its way breaking through this night
Will she remember when she called me a prophet?
Will she see the time when I layed the future before her?
Does it matter any way if the tension will not break the waves
And make a place for something that was never spoken
And I think of the things I thought I knew
Of beauty of truth of what I now see askew
Could I be happy for the one I wrot
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 4 0
Sometimes I cannot stand the silence
Though it is my only companion in a wilderness of mirrors
It catches my ear as I strum a song of heroes
As I cry out a chorus that speaks of blazing sons
As I scream and sigh of warriors to come
Sometimes I cannot stand the stillness
Of the memories as they fade and clear
Like smoke billowing in the ether
As the echoes swell and snap at the grinning gears
As the pulsing numbness that forms and becomes undone
Sometimes I cannot fathom the logic
behind the carved winds and torn strings
that once seemed so symbiotic
As the nightfall fades away to distant planes
As the magic loses its flavour and is breathed again
Sometimes I lay blind to the scars I have embarked
and all at once breathe life to a shattered tome
as the reveries humm melodies of confessions yet unsung
slipping slightly swayed and maimed by their own gravity
that was only worn ever worn and held so tightly
and broken down under the weight of a golden crown
And as I birth the dawn embracin
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 1 1
I spent the night chasing a solitary shooting star
I watch her streak across the sky
Too far to catch her where she falls
But still close enough to hear her cry
On cold clear nights like this I wonder
which one of the cloud is belonging to me
Pondering which ones are lucky enough to be observed by her
As if by choice they could be wrangled in.
Admiring her manner of catching light
As if her eyes would find my reflection in brief vanity
All the same anything she would say would end with unspoken grace
and a subtlety as her lips part to whisper quietly
When she walks past it's like a wave that's resonating
As if the way she moves is dance thought out methodicaly
Through the order of things she seems to find her clarity
And through her eyes seeps out just the slightest hint of melancholy
And while the whirlwind slows and settles
I find myself in green fields chasing flower peddles.
Chasing a dream within a dream of ending and beginning
Chasing lightning for its warmth and fireflies to wat
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 4 7
I could never abide to see you cry
I could not afford to dissapoint you
I could not live knowing that I caused
A single tear to roll down your cheek
If I could give you a name
I would call you Mercy
For in this cruel and dark world
You are a rare and beautiful gift
Your eyes give me hope, they are a lighthouse
A beacon of inspiration, a dream
A visage of beauty, a dancing willow tree
A breath of fresh air in a world that is suffocating
Your hair drapes down
Liken velvet curtains
Your stare is piercing
In a world... That is unaware
The expressions on your face
Are honest and unique
And your voice
Fills the void every time you speak
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 4
My dearest
I am afraid I cannot love you
In the way that you deserve
For you see I am as a broken bone
Bad blood, inside my veins
For my heart is poisoned.
I wish I were brave enough
To make a fated move
But I am not
I am splintered
And one more tear would render me
Far beyond what grief could express
I wish I were brave enough...
But bravery is a kin to selfishness
Bravery is such a foolish thing
And though I may be, fool enough
To at a whim, risk myself
I could never put you at risk
If it were a perfect tale
And God placed you in my path
To forgive and to mend me
I would still stuffed at the chance
For I recognize in you
Something I dare not tempt
For if I let you down or tainted you
I could never forgive myself
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 6
.of gods, saints and demons.
Have never been called
But I am sure if you tried you would soon discover
How impossible, the reality of it, is.
With this last clean page, I hope to explain
So that when you see, you won't find it surprising
How the honesty of my soul, could only be described as
For no matter how much of an open mind
People attest and claim to have
It is simple understanding, not depth which they lack
It is the inability to believe
When truth is evident
As when I am sincere about myself, all encompassing
At those times, they play it off
Not taking merit in what I mean
For when I say to you, "you wouldn't believe"
It's because I'd you did. You would close your eyes
You would turn around and leave
It should be
A tragedy
It is a victory
For it is what it is
Acceptance is too much to ask for
Which is why my fate falls between
Isolation or being followed blindly
To find that... Some one
Or... Some thing
Which can bear it all,
Would truly be astounding
It would take a saint
Or a
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 2
.ode to the moon.
Life has become a barren field of fireflies
Through the thick of the palm trees
The night settles in the most somber of ways
Deprived of all burdens, thoughts, or regrets
It will not forgive, for it doesn't want to remember
It has no need to say goodbye, until the time it sleeps forever
It does not hide the truth
It only speaks in colors
It only tries to comfort you
When you tell it about your past lovers
It wears it's scars proud, leaves no insight as to what it might desire
Never shown to you for sorrow, only to contrast it's glow for you to admire
It bravely lights the way as you ramble on
Guiding you through the darkness
A friend peering over your shoulder
Reflecting on to you what life is
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 0
.traditional souls.
Inspiring the dreams within these satin sheets
As a cruel tempest within the depths of hollow creeks
At the edge of a cliff with a blade to your spleen
Pouring out of the sacred hole, the arrow in the chest, which you keep
Dead eye living only to despise the heart on my sleeve
If anything was as pure as longing to inspire
Will meet it's equal in scorned lovers who conspire
Envy is a tool, much as the lie is a mask, one in malice
The other to keep bloodhounds at bay, in hopes to thwart
Their cruel and cold-hearted, pale faced master
Traditional souls never speak, long since buried
Long since accepting of the truth of what they seek
Blind to the times and mindful of what is learned
Burred lines, chicken scratched words, backwards r's
Red head, blonde, auburn and Raven haired fox
Running rampant, these aren't the ghost that haunt me
Their beautiful faces are my only friends, in grief
They all know me in the way they wanted and left behind
Such beautiful stories to accompany my through my
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 4 0
.what winter brings.
The worn and weary sounds
Of the rusted chains that keep me bound
As elusive sirens reap a harvest
Of my solemn destruction
And the taunting voices and what they say
Sing a melancholy eulogy of all the things
I wish, I desire, every time I pray
And in regard to disregard
The fallacies that once were bled
Are now the echos that keep haunting me
The weeping angels singing in my head
For this, ill-fated sense of self
Loves violently and meticulously to seize
The dry cracked riverbeds I now tread
That once were lavish streams of a fruitful dream
As if to say, I cannot get away
From the mournful cost of ancient creed
The only cure to this madness seems to be
Something that keeps evading me
While all about peace is found
In subtle glances and forced smiles
As if my mending will be owed to someone else
To rescue me from the tragic tyranny
That winter brings and I cast upon myself
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 0
.be heart, be.
Be brave
Oh valiant heart
Pay no heed to the hooks which anchor you
Set yourself free of their weight.
Be brave gentle heart
Let your beating whisper her name
And let each stuttered verse become as if a beacon for the chorus in its wake.
Be still lonely heart
She is nothing that in patience
Won't yield the grain
Of ripened fields prepared for reaping
And the dead nurturing the soil on which they are slain
Be healed oh wounded heart
See that there is not reason to conceal
The scars have made you old
But the lessons learned are now instilled
And with that your heart can start again
And sing such songs you never thought could be told
Be true oh honest heart
Let those who see you see your will
Those who saw your darkness will not recognize you
They will be blinded by the light which you reveal
Be heart, be
So that I may hold you dearly
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 4
How do you explain to someone
The beauty in their form
The brilliance in their subtlety
The comfort you find in their tone
How do you describe to them
The brilliance in their potential
The confidence in their smile
The virtue in their intentions
How do you reveal to them
A glow which they could not understand
A radiance you feel at the slightest touch of their hand
A calm from the storm in their arms
How do you begin to deny
The things your heart cannot begin to hide
The stature in their stance
The piercing in their glance
How do you remain silent
The obscure way in which you behave
The subdued expressions on your face
The words you dare not say
 If I could give you a name, It would be...
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 0
.yeah, probably.
I looked for you in my dreams
But I don't remember if I met you there
I don't know what your intentions were
Or if a handshake normally lasts that long
Or if you were searching for something in my eyes
If so, what did you find?
Found an inner peace I was not accustomed to
I found inspiration
I lack the metaphors
Or creative use of words to do it justice
So I will try to see it through simplistically
We shall see if divine will
Or personal curiosity
Draws us near
We will see if words escape
These traps of the heart
One deep look is all it takes
To render me helpless
Stir me inside
Are you just so kind?
Do you see my soul when casting your gaze upon me?
Have I lost my mind?
Yeah, probably
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 0
.of submitting.
The messages written
In a language you don't understand
Like the inscriptions carved into stone
Written by a broken hand
The words that emerge
With sounds not understood
Breathing life into the void
Through throats torn and tones crude
It resounds in the art of letting go
Filtered through creation
A messenger, a vessel
Not the caster of what is thrown
Just an instrument, a tool
For what is and what should never be
There is not sign of clarity
No question of why me
It is with honest release
Through the thick clouds of deliberation
Or mystified fogs of understanding perception
It pierces through defences like a violent infection
So why try and grasp a sense of control
It is not a thing you can restrain
I do not want the credit, I do not want the fame
It is not write for my sake or in my name
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 0
.they are survived.
At times you can't describe, feelings in words you try to convey
As if poetry was a language,
You've only spoken through pain
In these times when metaphors
Lose their graceful composition
You realize
Happiness is more meaningful
And more difficult to describe
For it lacks deceptive definition
Of was and when's are stories told
Through the burned out stars
And prevalent scars
And these battered hands you now hold
And locked away behind dark eyes
Of graveness long since cold
Of reprisal and resurrection now
They are survived
With untold fluidity in their form
And all at once the futility
In the struggle, is vividly displayed
The chains around your wrist
The hand upon your throat was your own
So all you have left to do, in this recollection
Is free yourself from your own grip
And let go.
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 3 0
.defying the darkness.
The poetry in my heart
Is not something you could measure in a song
Not something that could be described
With four letter words
Love, pain, hope
It is something that resonates
With an immeasurable weight
Akin to the cores of exploding stars
Collapsing, exploding
Under intense pressure
We only see how bright they shine
How big they smile
We hardly consider how damaging
How self destructive they really are
How at their own expense
They pierce through the void
Defying the darkness
Who will mourn?
Who will lay
Roses on their graves?
Who will write their names
Or describe their faces?
Not I
For they will surely
Out live me.
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 0
I can read the sadness you have carried,
It is written on the edges of your iris.
I can measure the amount of love
Of which you are capable,
It radiates from you when you are smiling.
I sense the empathy that drives you,
I see how bold you stand against the shadows.
No matter the distance they run behind you,
I hear the gentle songs in your whispers
And understand your trembling words
Though you hide your lips from their quiver.
With eagerness I await the fated, cascading of revelation in your depth.
I pray I am humble enough to, with these scarred hands,
Catch and caress the creases your heavy heart carries.
To all at once release all simple worries,
Lift you up when you are down.
To take your hand.
To hold it proud.
Letting every thing that would suppress you.
No longer keep you bound.
:iconscornedemblem:ScornedEmblem 2 3

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but looking at you
i can't stop smiling
so i drop my pride
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i wasn't fond of it anyways
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for all to see
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spinning wheel of love
turning through your chances
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everytime you risk a moment of bliss
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Remindeding you of stale vacations
trimmed in false family love.
Feed the need to be
                             something different; something new.
Paint brush moving on its own,
pulling paint across the page;
a crooked grin.
Southern comfort; dirt not alcohol.
Six feed deep into the obyss,
lie a few secrets that only I can tell.
Let me make you remember,
those distant t
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