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Penumbra 10 - Windows 10 visual style

By Scope10
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Supported versions:

- Version 2004
- Version 1909
- Version 1903

Might not work on older versions

This visual style is made to have neutral colors.
The music player in the preview image is AIMP with Ladient 2 ( )

Before you install

- Check if you have the right version of Windows 10 (See…)
- Make a restore point (!)
- Install Open Sans (included in the download in the 'Font' folder)
- Uninstall any patch if you have already installed one (UxStyle, UltraUXThemePatcher) (!)

How to install

1. Install UltraUXThemePatcher and reboot after install:… 

2. Install Old New Explorer (ONE):…
My recommended settings:

3. Copy the content of 'Visual style' to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (

Right-click your desktop > 'Personalize' > 'Themes' and click 'Penumbra10(w)(s)' under 'Apply a theme'
The preview image above uses "Penumbra10" (recommended)
See "Variants" section below for information about the different theme files.

5. Set Colors in Setting page to Dark ( ). Not doing this might cause some colors to not show correctly.

Something wrong? Try this

- If everything is still white or mostly white, click on the 'Windows' theme, reboot your computer, and repeat step 4.

- Reinstall the latest versions of UltraUXThemePatcher and Old New Explorer (ONE) (links above). Be sure to reboot afterward.

- Check the FAQ section of the UltraUXThemePatcher website (link above) if the steps above did not fix your problem. At this point, the problem is usually because of the required system files not getting patched correctly. 

Known problems

- Some remaining white elements, like in the Task manager under Performance

Known fixes

Problem: Hidden disabled text or icons (like in Notepad++)
Note: These altered themes will create minor inconsistencies in the theme.

Problem: The theme will have white elements after returning to the desktop from sleep, hibernating or locking the PC.
1. Open up "regedit"
2. Make a backup (right-click > export) of the following key/folder:
3. Now remove the key/folder [DefaultColors] (right-click > delete, may require you to Take Ownership first)
4. Done
Note: Your theme color will restore to default Windows blue after returning to the desktop. This only affects things like the lock screen colors and volume indicator color.

Extra customization

- To change your taskbar color/opacity…

- Bring back the old personalize window…

- Explorer window customization (Old New Explorer)…

- Center your taskbar icons…

- Bring back the command bar
    Use the following guide, but remove the line with Element padding, instead of adding it.…


Penumbra 10 comes with a couple of variants:

- Penumbra10: The theme as it was intended to be used.
If you don't know which variant you should use, pick this one.

- Penumbra10w: The w stands for "White".
This theme is like Penumbra 10, but has a white Windowcolor and black Windowtextcolor.
This is meant for people that want a dark theme, but don't want programs like Microsoft Word and Excel to be affected with a dark page and white text. This theme does create inconsistencies with the rest of the theme.

- Penumbra10s: The s stands for "Stock".
This theme is like Penumbra 10, but with stock/default looking caption buttons (Minimize, maximize, close) and Taskbar button.

- Penumbra10ws: A combination of White and Stock.


- Support for Windows 10 Version 1903 and 1909. Should work fine on older versions but I have not tested this.
- Small and old inconsistencies in the theme fixed
- Set Colors in Setting page to Dark ( ). Not doing this might cause some colors to not show correctly.
Some new inconsistencies might be occurring because of the migration to 1903/1909.

- The theme has not changed since it already supported version 1803, Spring Creators Update.
- Install the latest UltraUXThemePatcher and reboot if you're coming from an earlier version of Windows 10.
- Changed download folder structure. All abovementioned Windows 10 versions are supported by the same theme files. No need to differentiate with a different folder per Windows 10 version.

- Fixed white background in Run task dialog
- Fixed white background in Extract files window

- Fixed the no border issue. The theme now has the same border size as the default Windows theme (1px)
- Adjusted caption font and size

- Completely remade penumbra 10 with the version 1709 default Windows theme.
This means that the theme now officially supports Version 1709 (Build 16299) - Fall Creators Update.
- Certain problems, like the right-menu not showing or being bugged, should be fixed now.
- The border size is now 0px (from 4px)
     I tried to make the border 1px, but I can't seem to find the element that changes the color of the left border.
    With borders, it would show inactive windows with a translucent border and becomes opaque when the windows is active.
- Small color and asset changes

- Fixed Penumbra 10s and 10ws versions (taskbar pearl did not change)

- Updated Automated Theme Reset Script to work on Creators Update (using ThemeSwitcher now)

- Fixed the command bar on the Creative Update (it now no longer shows on mouse over)

- Added support for Version 1703 (Build 15063), also known as the Creators Update.* (separate folder)
- Fixed the unreadable searchbar text in explorer
- Increased the brightness of the right click menu
- New wallpaper

- Added two new variants: Penumbra 10s and Penumbra 10ws
The s stands for "Stock" and comes with stock/default looking caption buttons (Minimize, maximize, close) and Taskbar button.
- Removed Build 10586 (November)
- Small changes

- Added compatibility for build 14393 (Anniversary update)

- Small alignment and margin change for the explorer navbar

- Fixed copy window not showing with MTP transfers
- Changed caption buttons
- Changed the blue buttons in the copy window
- Changed the detail pane colors
- Other small changes

- Fixed build 10586 compatibility
- Fixed white in context menu
- Fixed black text problem
- Removed beta tag
- Tons of other small changes

- Initial beta release

Please read the complete description above and the comments below before asking about a problem!
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not working on 2004 :(

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Captain-FlopHobbyist Interface Designer

Yes it does, you have to make sure you have follow the steps properly. :D

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mahdiyamaniiNew Deviant


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hey after restarting my pc a few things resets to normal and i have to uninstall and reinstall oldexplorer to fix it. the things that resets are folders showing in my pc and that "manage" toolbar in explorer. unsure if its a known problem and if theres an easy fix for this?

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AlirezzamNew Deviant


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AlirezzamNew Deviant


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HypA1978New Deviant

very nice work! please keep it up

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the maximize, minimize ecc. icon are the default of windows, i have done all the step, please help me

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mrmarcooNew Deviant

You have most likely used the s version of the Theme. In order to get the new button, you have to use Penumbra10 or Penumbra10w

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egovaflaviaNew Deviant

How can i use this thme

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egovaflaviaNew Deviant



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lokks great

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TamoYhen69New Deviant

The task manager still looks white, What do I do?

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nice theme!

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13aik-23Hobbyist Digital Artist

taskmanager looks like this

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I would like to get a backup file of the DefaultColors registry. I couldn't back up...

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I am scared installing UltraUxThemePatcher ase there is a not that there can be Windows Breakdown

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While this work great for forcing dark theme on white theme only apps, I still prefer the deep dark and slightly brighter text of the Windows Explorer's default dark theme. Is there any way that I can manually toggle Penumbra on a per application basis?

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that's really good theme! thanks!

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Nothing happens after doing everything. What can i do to make it work ?

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Scope10Hobbyist Interface Designer

Just follow the steps in the description under the section "How to install". Be sure to reboot your computer after installing UltraUXThemePatcher.

You might also want to follow the steps of the second problem under the "Known fixes" section in the description.

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I finally got to be able to apply this using secureUx and got to say I am entirely impressed, It is perfect, dark and minimal just the way I like it, thanks a lot man you really did a good and hard job. :)

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btw how did you blank those taskbar icons, it looks really nice and clean

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Scope10Hobbyist Interface Designer

Those blank taskbar icons are just photoshopped that way in the preview image. You could actually create a blank icon by just using a transparent .ico image and setting that as the icon image of the shortcuts in your taskbar.

Here is a tutorial that explains you how to change the taskbar icons: (Yes, it's Windows 7 but the steps are still very similar in Windows 10)

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