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Ladient - AIMP 3.6 skin



White version and project files are included in the download.
Works well with Penumbra 8 ( )

Needs AIMP 3.6 in order to work properly!

Version 2 can be found here:

V1.9.1 (28/06/2015)
- Increased the size of the hitbox for the seekbar
- Added more steps on the sliders (except for Album BG Pos)

V1.9 (07/05/2015)
- Revamped skin options window
- Added sliders that change opacity of a mask above a certain element
- Added time position toggle for the main ("Time Pos")
- Added playerstate toggle for the main ("Playerstate")
- Added visuals button for the big album ("Visuals")
- Added an song info overlay for the big album ("Overlay")
- Added seekbar toggle for the controls ("Seekbar")
- Added song info toggles for the main ("Artist", "Title", "Genre")
- Added arrow to the main
- Removed arrows from the album art
- Removed text shadow on the main
- Added padding to playlist and control items
- Increased contrast on the buttons
- Increased the size of the menubar items
- A ton of other small changes

V1.8 (30/12/2014)
- Added option to hide album art (Album Art)
- Added album background (Album BG)
- Revamped tray mode
- Added on hover volume bar in album art mode
- Added shortcut arrows on album art
- Changed Album Placeholder
- Changed Dropwheel
- Changed Spectrum
- Changed font size on a bunch of elements
- Changed color of a bunch of elements including main theme color
- Bunch of other small changes and fixes

V1.7 (27/05/2014)
- Included project files in the download
- Added some flat drop shadows
- Fixed title text cut off
- Other small changes

V1.6 (09/04/2014)
- Added big album art mode
- Minimal width is now 350px instead of 400px
- Made overall skin a tad lighter colored
- Increased font size
- Bunch of other small changes

V1.5.1 (06/02/2014)
- Reverted back to floating Skin Options
- Fixed disappearing Skin Options
- Small changes

V1.5 (24/01/2014)
- Alignment changes
- Moved volume bar to the right edge
- Skinned docking arrow
- Colors changes
- Other small fixes and changes

V1.4 (09/12/2013)
- Main is now resizable by width
- Added vertical tabs
- Changed volumebar to be more visible
- Made Skin Options window cleaner
- Small color changes
- Small placement changes
- Other small fixes and changes

V1.3 (28/09/2013)
- Redone QFI
- Removed album name from main
- Added menu bar toggle
- Added scrollbar toggle
- Added volumebar when hovering over main
- Added album name when hovering over album art
- Small color changes
- UI changes.
- Other small fixes

V1.2 (04/08/2013)
- Added white version (W)
- Added bitrate toggle
- Renewed shuffle and repeat button
- Made line gradient react to the music
- Replaced runstring with playerstate
- Skinned switches
- Made and tray size fixed
- Made main width size fixed
- Fixed playlist toggle
- Small color and alignment fixes

V1.1 (19/07/2013)
- Added Skin options
- Skinned Tray icons
- Changed Preview image
- Small UI changes

AIMP skin editor:…

General skin info

- Some elements are accessible when you right click a button/text.
- Volume can be changed by using the scroll wheel when hovering over the main window.
- You can open skin options by clicking the gray arrow or by right clicking 'Menu' or the album art.
- The big album art makes your player 400px wide.

The name Ladient comes from combining the words Line and Gradient.
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