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Anime Wide Wallpaper Pack #1

By Scope10
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First pack of ultrawide (3440x1440) anime wallpapers.
The artwork is not mine, I make the backgrounds and render the characters.
Sometimes the artwork is altered by me.

Source and credits:

1. Charater(s): Matoi
    Source: Phantasy Start Online 2
    Artist: KeenH (…)

2. Charactar(s): Kirika Towa Alma and Excela Noa Aura
    Source: Shining Resonance
    Artist: Taka Tony (…)

3. Original artwork
     Artist: Sasaame (…)

4. Original artwork
    Artist: Muryotaro (…)

5. Character(s): Akemi Homura and Kaname Modoka
    Source: Mahou shoujo madoka magica
    Artist: Jurrig (…)
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