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is a requiem sung out of tune
Current Residence: Maryland
Skin of choice: ...mine?
Personal Quote: *one night on AIM* Jabberworks1512: holy shit i just sneezed snot all over myself

Permanent Journal: Update 07/07, Let's Restart

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2008, 10:22 AM
  • Listening to: Let the Flames Begin: Paramore
  • Reading: Otakon registration form
  • Watching: The Boondock Saints
  • Eating: Olive Garden leftovers
  • Drinking: Sobe Life Water
Ok, with all that keeps happening, I figured a permanent journal would be easier to maintain than new entries.

Here is the deal...I'm moving back to Maryland. It's gonna take me forever to finish my degree in Minnesota and all the good paying jobs I qualify for are being moved overseas. So, I am gonna move back, get a government job for awhile and get my degree. Erin and I are still hoping to move to Ireland too, which is why I am making this move. It will easier to move to Ireland if I have a degree and plenty of money saved up.

Once I get home, I should gain access to a scanner again, and I will finally have time to finish and posts the requests some people have been waiting a long time for. Sorry for all the inactivitiy, but life has been insane the past 7 months. My message box is full of deviations that I have not had time to view yet. When I get home, I will start going through them all and try to catch up with everyone. I wasn't ignoring anybody, I've just been busy as hell.

I'm also going to go to my first convention this year. I will be attending Otakon 2008 up in Baltimore this August. I am hoping to meet one of my favorite authors, Peter S. Beagle, who wrote my favorite story as a child, The Last Unicorn. I will go with my friend, Chrissy, who is a Bleach/Naruto/FMA/Death Note fan. She will probably cosplay, but I think I'll go as just me, cosplaying is not really my thing. Anyway, look forward to pictures and goofy stories upon my return ^^

:iconnekonotaishou: Request for Gin :star:

Neko's Gin Request by Scooz87

:iconfriederike: Art trade for Her, ZMP, and I to be fangirling over Bleach :star-half:

:iconsamuraidragon: Art Trade for Hitsugaya eating a cookie on a mountain of bakery goodness :star-half:

:iconfuu-namine: Request for a Nova B-day picture :star:

:iconaizensousuke: Request for Aizen-sama :star:

Aizen's Request for Aizen by Scooz87

:iconcomixqueen: Art Trade for Noitora :star:

:iconbrinckmyster: Request for scene from naruto fanfic :star-empty:

`.(*.(*. .*).*).`
`.(*.(*. ' '.*)`.*).`


:zombieglomp: by MisterIngo
FEED ME!!!...

"Satan, the eternal rebel, the first free-thinker, and emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his beastial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit." Bakunin

:dontclick: by LeoLeonardo Curiosity, the true sin of man.

Awesome Artists You Should Check Out:

:iconzukomyprince: Drool worthy skectches with male anatomy, spiffy lil comics, and great Bleach art.

:iconfriederike: Cool fan art, cosplay pictures, and other mixed media.

:iconfredscosplays: Friederike's cosplay account.

:iconnikotsu: Fantastic Avatar fanart and even better sense of humor XD

:iconsamuraidragon: Tons of cool Dragon, Kingdom Hearts, and Zelda art, among other things.

:iconnekonotaishou: Plenty of Bleach fanart and original anthro art & her sister :iconcomixqueen: has great Bleach artwork too ^^

Other awesome Bleach Artists:

:iconaizensousuke: :iconzabuzakakashi: :icongeofffffff: :iconevilpixel: :iconpandabaka: :icontarkheki: :iconrakshar: :iconbegger4mcgregor: :iconmattcha: :iconaish89: :icontobiee: :icondarknature5000: :iconaj-chan: :iconcaptainberunov:

I <3 &

OMG, :icongeofffffff: rocks! lol. After buying him a subscription he made me a picture of my two favorite characters, Chad and Nova:

Chad and Nova by Geofffffff

Muchas gracias! ^^ I really appreciate it...:: Goes off to drool over picture...::

Thanks :iconcomixqueen: for Kaien-dono!!! :glomp: He looks so cool ^^

and thanx for one of the spiffiest MSN conversations ever, lol

Also, I want to thank :iconmattcha: (Kick Ass Bleach Artist...hehe...KABA) for drawing this freakin' amazing picture for :iconzukomyprince: :

Part of :iconavatar-fan: :iconnovaholics: and Admin. of :iconavatarportalclub: & :iconhellxbutterfly:


Member of BAG (Bleach Avatar Gang). If you are interested in joining, you can request any Bleach character (If they are not already taken, so hurry) ^^ Go see :iconzabuzakakashi: for more details.

:iconzabuzakakashi: :iconaizensousuke: :iconjuunana: :iconleonkurosaki: :icondeidaras-girl: :icongreen09: :iconbrokendaydream: :iconleena-erufu: :iconbri-angel-shigure: :iconzukomyprince: :iconleafdust: :iconpippin4242: :iconarcaenia: :iconoboro-nin:
:iconhazmanian-devil: :iconhellishhound: :iconblossomtherabbit: :iconchibichitose: :iconcomixqueen: :iconojosasi0093: :iconshadowbee: :icongingerpoodle: :iconnicki-sama13: :iconchariflame: :icondonutqueen913: :iconchibigurl25: :iconsumikami: :iconmisiru:
:iconmythee: :iconleaboo1901: :iconpahisman: :iconneckoboy: :iconfreaky-anime-girl::icondreamheartxo: :icontaithun: :iconmoonlantern: :iconornofthetalon: :iconnymaulth: :icondarktsukasa7: :iconmekano-san: :iconspryte-21: :iconlonewolflovergirl: :icondebbiechan: :iconspectacled-one: :iconscooz87: :iconnazlando: :iconsidonzo: :iconlittle-nicky: :iconkyuuketsukinousagi: :icontwist-of-hate: :iconbobsyeruncle11:

Here is my BAG avatar--->

Bleach Ink Series featuring all of my favorite characters from the show as well as some side series of my absolute favorite characters...namely Chad ^^

Others outside of the series:

Still to come: Renji, a better Cap. Ukitake, Zangetsu, Gin Ichimaru, Kukaku Shiba, and tons more of Chad.

I borrowed this from one of :iconcomixqueen:'s journals. It is a list of Bleach character b-days for those of you who don't know them! Thanks for reminding us, Comixqueen! ^^

1- Shihouin Yoruichi
14- Kuchiki Rukia
21- Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
31- Kuchiki Byakuya

11- Soi Fon
12- Kusajishi Yachiru

14- Ishida Ryuuken
27- Kira Izuru
30- Kurotsuchi Mayuri
30- Kurotsuchi Nemu

1- Yamada Hanataro
4- Hanakari Jinta
7- Sado Yasutora ‘Chad’
21- Unohana Retsu

6- Kurosaki Karin
6- Kurosaki Yuzu
29- Aizen Sousuke

3- Hinamori Momo

7- Ise Nanao
11- Kyouraku Shunsui
15- Kurosaki Ichigo
17- Arisawa Tatsuki

2- Kotetsu Isane
14- Hisagi Shuuhei
23- Komamura Sajin
31- Abarai Renji

3- Inoue Orihime
9- Tsumugiya Ururu
10- Ichimaru Gin
19- Ayasegawa Yumichika
22- Kotetsu Kiyone
22- Kotsubaki Sentaro
29- Matsumoto Rangiku

1- Shiba Kuukaku
15- Shiba Ganju
27- Shiba Kaien

6- Ishida Uryuu
9- Madarame Ikkaku
13- Tousen Kaname
19- Zaraki Kenpachi

10- Kurosaki Isshin
20- Hitsugaya Toushiro
21- Ukitake Juushiro
30- Kon
31- Urahara Kisuke



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