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Can I make this into base?

Your art has been featured in WeimTime's Video:…
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Awww, these two are so cute ^^
Especially since they're no longer a couple of bratty little skankbags. ;P
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Няки! :з
И они теперь, я так понимаю, на доверительных отношениях
что есть круто
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This may be a dumb question to ask about Silver Spoon, but did she really reformed? It's just I sort of assumed she was just as much of a bully to the CMC as Diamond Tiara.
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She probably continues to follow DT's lead. So if DT stops bullying them, Silver will too. Whether that qualifies as being "reformed" is a matter of interpretation. :)
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Awww, this is the cutest I've seen these two. :aww:
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So happy they changed.

So more "blank flanks".

Wonderful work. And another villain "reformed".
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Discord Icon Status: Reformed!
Gilda the Griffon Plz Status: Reformed!
EQG Sunset Shimmer Cute Smile Plz Status: Reformed!
Clapping Pony Icon - Diamond Tiara Status: Reformed!
Mystery Skulls Ghost HeadBob Pony: Queen Chrysalis Status: ?????

If Diamond Tiara can be redeemed, even Chrysalis may not be beyond hope!
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She was mostly present in the comics.

And so far, she is far to be reformed. Forget the fanon ship with Fluffle Puff.
You forgot Sombra

Status: PIZDEAD!
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I didn't forget him. Unless he comes back to life or his horn possesses somepony else and THEN changes his evil ways, he's not likely to be listed in the "Reformed" category. =P (Razz)
If you didn't forget him then why isn't he on your list?!
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I was listing villains and adversaries that had been redeemed. Sombra was destroyed, and Nightmare Moon ceased to exist when she turned back into Princess Luna.

I suppose the next pony up for having her status updated is Starlight Glimmer!

Starlight Glimmer icon 2 Status: We'll have to wait for the Season 5 Finale to find out!
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Glad to see they made up after their quarrel :)
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Silver Spoon probably was always following after Diamond Tiara's lead and didn't really have a contempt for "blank flanks". With Diamond Tiara reformed, Silver Spoon flips sides as well.
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