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Lemurian Confederacy Air Service B-58

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One of several Convair B-58 Hustlers purchased from the United States Air Force for the Lemurian Confederacy Air Service initially for high speed, long range reconnaissance of the Confederacy's 200 nautical mile EEZ, after the USAF retired the type in 1970.  All offensive weapons capability were initially removed from the avionics packages, and the weapons pod of the Two Component Pod (TCP) was converted into additional fuel tankage. 

During the 1981 SLEP (Service Life Extension Program), which saw the replacement of the GE J-79 afterburning turbojets with Volvo Aero RM12 afterburning turbofans, full nondestructive testing of all control and structural surfaces, and updated avionics; IAI engineers adapted the four fuselage stub hardpoints for Harpoon-series Air to Surface missiles, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-78 Standard ARM (STARM), and AIM-97 Seekbat weapons systems.  The IAI contract also included new defensive systems and electronics countermeasures suite, and developing the TCP to handle conventional munitions.

During the final SLEP during the late 1990's, included replacing the RM12s with new GE 414 afterburning turbofans, LITENING pod  integration, at the cost of one external hardpoint; updated navigation and bombing systems, improved avionics and PGM integration.

Until their retirement in 2003, Lemurian B-58s have participated in USAF Red and Green Flag exercises, SAC Bombing Competitions (until 1994), and RIMPAC.  HARM and STARM-equipped B-58s also conducted SEAD and high speed reconnaissance missions during the First Iraq War.

Original lineart by Mike "Bagera3005" Brown. 
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