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Letting Go by scooterkid34 Letting Go :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 1 34
Shnitzel's Diary: entry 1
(Rada 8, 2008: Radarada rada rada)
Rada, ra rada ra radarada radaradarada rada rada rada. Rada radarada RADA rada rada, radarada!? Rad rada rada ra rada rada ra, rada? Radarada!
*rada* ...Rada rada ra rada, rada. Rada ra rada rada radarada radarada.
Radarada rada? Ra rada rada radarada. Rada.
:iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 18 26
Domofett by scooterkid34 Domofett :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 5 19 Sneaky Cactaur by scooterkid34 Sneaky Cactaur :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 9 5 What are they up to? by scooterkid34 What are they up to? :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 1 0 Poke'mon clubbin' by scooterkid34 Poke'mon clubbin' :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 0 7 Sonic sketch... thumbs up. by scooterkid34 Sonic sketch... thumbs up. :iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 0 0
Rough 'Booty' synopsis
The story's narrator is a college student named Marcus, best friend of the wild and social, yet honorable Jackson. These two could not be more opposite - Marcus has always been an intelectual, reserved type, while the students (and faculty) recognize Jackson as the man who "has had one too many, one too many times."  However, Marcus and Jackson have been great friends for years, and what makes them different makes them strong.  
Marcus and Jackson live on one of the larger islands of a group of small, yet condensed islands known as Grapevine Isle. Their islands are somewhat diverse in structure, but most are civilized and prosperous.
One day, Jackson takes Marcus to a bar and sits down with him, eagerly wanting to tell him his ingenious plan. That day, during the history seminar, Jackson overheard the lecturer mention pirates, and became completely fascinated. He heard of plundering, drinking, and travelling the world with a crew of 'mates.
He tells Marcus that the
:iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 0 0
More Than Adventure, Chapter 2
Chapter 2: And then there were two
(9:46 A.M, Night Babylon, Club Rouge)
This is Night Babylon, the city of nightclubs, casinos, bars, hotels, and commercial-type buildings open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flashing lights, lit-up billboards, electronic slots, video poker, and gambling-oriented activities fill the city. But for some unexplained reason, it’s always night there. Even right now, 9:45 in the morning, it is still night. 24/7. But it’s still visible in Night Babylon. After all, the flashing colored lights surrounding the buildings. Overall, Night Babylon is a nice place for the nocturnal people that just want some time off.
This story continues in one of the top ten nightclubs in Night Babylon, Club Rouge, owned by the famous treasure hunter, Rouge the Bat. Rouge is a bat about the same height as Knuckles. She is a beautiful undercover spy agent for the government, and meets the president on a daily basis. She has worked for Eggman before, but it was only to gath
:iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 2 4
More Than Adventure, Chapter 1
Important note: This is the updated version of chapter one. To see the original, e-mail me. These updates were fixed by suggestion of a contributor and by my justification.
Note: As always, I don’t own Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, or any other Sega based characters. I, like the other fanfic writers, wrote this for fun (and not profit). Lawsuits? No, thank you.
Quiet breezes, trees rustling, grass swaying, and a peaceful, natural landscape make home to Knuckles the Echidna. If you want to find Knuckles, cross through the icy cold cavern, across the grassy field, and cross the bridge. He is usually there. He is always there. That’s his job.
Knuckles’ job is to protect and serve the Master Emerald, a massive, green jewel about the size of, if not bigger than Knuckles, and glows a radiant, green luminescence.
The purpose of the Master Emerald is to keep Angel Island floating. If broken or stolen, the island will plunge down from the sky and sink beneath the waves of
:iconscooterkid34:scooterkid34 1 4

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is never gonna give you up...
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Ska (it's not dead yet!)
Operating System: Windows, baby!
MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle (screens are for chumps!)
Shell of choice: Umm... the ones with hermit crabs?
Skin of choice: Human skin.
Favourite cartoon character: Patrick Star
Personal Quote: Dude!
Patrick here! Tired of leaving educated reviews as a "scooterkid" on deviations with adult themes (and pretty much anything), I decided to make a new account.

:iconchemicaltortuga: is my new account. I already added you all to my new friends list on that account, so if you ever want to hear about what's new (or about whatever I plan to share on Deviantart), you should add chemicalTortuga.

To answer any questions you may have:

Q: Why the name change?
A: Like I said, I want to be taken seriously when I leave comments on peoples' art. Also, a college student shouldn't have "kid" in their username, for many reasons. :/ And numbers at the end are somewhat old hat.

Q: What's the significance of this name? Why the lowercase c?
A: It's arranged in a style similar to the usernames in Homestuck, a storyline on the webcomic MS Paint Adventures: . I also like the study of sciences as well as large tortoises.

Q: But what about your old art? Will that be reuploaded in the new account?
A: **** my old art - I'm not reuploading that crap.

Q: Will you continue making new deviations?
A: Probably at the same rate at which I'm making them now... which is to say, not at all. Unless you really want something from me.

Q: Then... what will you do with your new account?
A: What I'm doing now: checking out cool art from friends and awesome artists and leaving helpful comments on many of them. If you haven't had many reviews or comments from me and you upload relatively often (my bad, kbx and simi), I'll make sure to make more comments.

Q: Will this scooterkid34 account be deactivated?
A: Probably not, for the sake of preserving this entry for a while, as well as my popular deviations (Sneaky Cactuar, for one).

Q: So does this mean you're "back" on DeviantArt?
A: I've been checking my dA messages multiples times in single days. I'd call that "back" enough.

Q: Will you still check this account?
A: I'll check back here for a little while to respond to this journal's comments as well as replies to a couple recent comments I've left for people.

See you all on the other side. B-)
  • Listening to: Less Than Jake
  • Playing: Bioshock


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