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Zest7 v2.0



Update 11.14.2010 : ONLY FOR X64 USERS!

I made a fresh install of 7 last week and when i applied my theme back,
i noticed an error in "shell32" for "x64 sys32"; it was another" regular grey" one...
So here's a link to a replacement file :


Sorry for the mess!!! :stupidme:

Update 11.05.2010 :

Fixed : - legibility issue in the address bar of Internet Explorer

Updated : - add of a tiny border in the explorer & start menu toolbars, to match the other pop-ups

(link to a single replacement file for those who own the theme yet...)

Finally a major update of "Zest7"!

A short video preview... [link]
>>> select 720p!

Package contents :

- UniversalThemePatcher (x86, x64)
- Fonts
- Theme folder, including wallpaper
- Start orb bmp + "W7 start orb changer"
- system files (x86, x64), "shell32" in two versions,
"orange grunge" or "regular grey"
- "ZestBar" skin for Xion Audio Player" + Xion installer
- Header & footer for Firefox's "Personas"
- pdf installation guide + Sumatra 1.1 pdf reader installer.

I hope you'll like it, comments are welcome!

Credits :

- "Windows 7 Start Orb Changer" by Kishan Bagaria :


- Wallpaper, grunge shell & Personas images from artwork by Gild-a-Stock :


"Red and Orange Grunge Texture" :


Thanks for authorization!

Preview icons : "Adonia" by Lindexter

Preview background by iAmFreeman

This theme is dedicated to 3am aka Am3am [link]
for his huge contribution to make WSB more accessible.
Big up, buddy!
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