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Dice wallpaper 1280x1024

This is just a simple project that I did to test out some hdri rendering techniques and some textures. Tell me what you think.

3ds max 7.0
Mental Ray

This is a wallpaper @ 1280x1024

for this wallpeper but in the sizes below, look in my scraps!!!
* 640x480
* 1024x768
* 1280x960
* 1400x1050
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alomhordozo57's avatar
beautifull kabisa
Kyrin-van-IJzeren's avatar
Stunning photo! Is it okay if i use this photo for a project of my school?
I will link the picture to you if i put it online :)
scherezada's avatar
pinayjak's avatar
will it be ok if i use your picture as part of my school's prom ticket design? it's a wonderful picture and our theme is las vegas so it kind of fits!
Hi there,

can I use you render for an illustration ? (commercial use)
thank you for letting me know ASAP,

humanofprey's avatar
Stunning render, i love the material on the dice!!
Nice work :thumbsup:
meekadog12's avatar
You've been featured here: [link] !! :w00t:
meekadog12's avatar
Absolutely stunning creation! :wow:
TsuyuCL's avatar
This is so pretty! >< It's all sparkly and nice ...
some reason it made me think of the grim fandango...there really isn't any corolation, must just be in my head right now.

Any way, really like the reflections inside the die and on the table.
haha.....thanks for the comment. It is much appreciated!!!!!!
xo-shivver-ox's avatar
all i can say is....YATZEE!!
Thanks for the comment. It is much appreciated!!!!
You are too kind. Thanks for the comment.
Coolhand2's avatar
This looks, really, really, really good!
But give yourself and upgrade dude. VRay is THE best renderer out there. And it's made expecially for 3dsmax. [link] Give yerself a look!
Thanks for the comment. It means a lot. Thanks for giving me that vray link too, you are right. After looking at some of those images, vray does look like the best renderer out there. I am definitely going to look into getting it. Thank for the advice man, it much appreciated.
Coolhand2's avatar
No problem dude. It's from one 3D guy to another.
AlucardBremen's avatar
Nice render on such an easy thing. It looks awesome now what would have been even nicer is to model a craps table that they would be landing on with all the chips and what not around them. Hmmm wait that gives me an idea for something to model.
Thank for the comment, I really appreciate it. When I get some time I will consider doing that craps table idea, that is if you dont beat me to it. ;) :)
I thought it was real too.. was thinking, "nice photo"

Then i seen

"3ds max 7.0
Mental Ray"

And i released that was awsome for something you made
Thanks...your too kind. The comment is much appreciated.
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