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zink suite

This is the finished zink theme from my screenshot a couple of days ago. I don't have a very large screen (1440x900) and usually have alot of apps running on top of each other (reference images if I'm drawing something in gimp, watching a movie while doing something else, etc.), so I wanted a theme that's very space efficient and uses non-distracting colors.

Suite includes: Qtcurve config, aurorae window borders, colorscheme and amarok style :)

To install:

import zink.qtcurve in the qtcurve configuration window

import Zink.colors in the colorschemes settings

install the aurorae theme zink.tar.gz through the aurorae settings, or get it through GHNS

move default-theme-clean.svg to /usr/share/kde4/apps/amarok/images/

Install ALLGREY uniq ed. through GHNS at the icon settings, go to advanced and set gamma on all icons to about 70%

done :D
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hi :D
may i ask you something?
you changed the appearance of the current song background. how did you do that?
is it in the default-theme-clean.svg? which object?
plz, help :D