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uniq suite v1.11

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uniq v1, finally :)


QtCurve config
Aurorae window borders
Plasma Theme
Color Scheme
Kopete chatstyle
Chrome Theme
Audacious/QMMP/XMMS/Winamp classic Theme
Docky Theme
Gmail Plasmoid read & unread icons
Installer (credits to gyan000 [link])

Fixed icon theme problem with missing folder icons
Fixed colorscheme issue (blue menubars)


Added installer (still beta)
Make inactive windows' menus and borders a bit lighter (affects aurorae, qtcurve & chromium theme)
Minor changes to plasma theme
Some new icons, mostly mimetypes
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do you remember the icons name?? thanks
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miksedkHobbyist General Artist
Looks really nice, gotta try it out soon :-)
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Hi. It looks awesome, but only if I have the main panel on bottom/top of the screen. :( When I place the panel on left/right side like is in Unity, it looks bad. Can you solve it? :)
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FatalConceptsStudent Interface Designer
Looks great!
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I'm a one of your fanboy ,love your creative art
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Looks amazing, thanks for making this!

Protip to all who's using this: Disable the transparency(translucency) in the plasma theme by doing:
- System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> All Effects -> Translucency (DISABLE)
- Restart the KDE session (i.e. logging out and in again)

Now your plasma theme should look like the one in the picture! :)

I have one question/request myself though; how can I configure the styling of the windows listed in the task manager? I don't think it looks that good, it takes way too much focus and I'd like to restyle it if possible. How?
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Nice work !! :) is amazing
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Nice theme but DON'T INSTALL WITH CHAKRA 2011.12 because broke Kwin and to uninstall it is a pain.
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Magnum44plHobbyist Photographer
What dependencies should I install before applying this theme?
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Magnum44plHobbyist Photographer
What do I have to install additionally besides QTCurve?
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Quick question. Is the wallpaper used in the preview included? Also, I'm actually installing KDE just to use this theme.
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
A GTK/Metacity port would be greatly appreciated. BtW, does this have a license?
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dsonck92Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because this is a QtCurve style, a GTK port is not necessary. You only have to select the QtCurve style as your GTK theme.
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
I actually meant a Metacity port...
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Love it! If there were more icons then it would be perfect!
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G0DucksProfessional Interface Designer
omg... This is pure perfection. GODS I wish I could have this on my mac :(
genericFurfag1352's avatar
I'd get it, but KDE overuses the tray no matter what you do

Very nice, though. leaps and bounds ahead of the default KDE theme.
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rmpaulProfessional Photographer
A little too minimal for my personal tastes, but I do appreciate the quality on display here. Looks great.
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Svenska :D, hahaha xD
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Nice and Simple... I like it :)
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BLUEamnesiacHobbyist General Artist
Very nice! The simple and elegant icons work well with the monocrhome like color scheme. Smooth and easy on the eyes. :thumbsup:
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NCWeberHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice theming, and congrats on the DailyDev. :nod:
Rinorro-the-wolf's avatar
o.o What's it for?
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