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SimplyGrey inkscape theme

SimplyGrey icons for inkscape, replacing the default ones.


1. extract the zip-archive in /home/.inkscape/icons/
2. restart inkscape
Done :)

Note that It's not entirely finished yet.
© 2008 - 2021 Scnd101
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Put them in $HOME/.config/inkscape/icons/  but nothing change, i'm used manjaro linux, whats the problem? thanks for the support
Hello Scnd101. I used your iconset as a template to create another set, based on the "symbolic_icons.svg" that come bundled with Inkscape 0.92. Did you sort the icons like that? Would you like to be credited in the accompanying readme-file?
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love it, but can you tell me... can i change the interface collor?
how to install for Portable-Version /.inkscape do not exist.
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ps can you made some bigger icons?
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Awesome. What's the license?
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How do you get the icons in the commands bar and tool controls to work? When I load your icons from create new document to past, preferences, properties, and some icons in the tool controls are the default tango icons and not SimplGrey. 
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Nice !!!
Thank you for those good icons !!
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any updates of this?
I don't have incscape folder in home directory, my inkscape icon folder is /usr/share/inkscape/icons so I put that file there, but theme doesn't work. 
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Put them in $HOME/.config/inkscape/icons/
That works for me :)
Yes! That works for me too! THX.
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Excellent work and many thanks for sharing with us!!
Much appreciated and a real improvement to the overall theme.

In Linux there is also the possibility to replace 'icons.svg' in this dir: usr/share/inkscape/icons

I also noticed, that the following icons are missing:
- Spray Object + Eraser (toolbar-panel to the left)
- View Layers (toolbar-panel top under the main menu)
- and all icons in the right toolbar-panel
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Fixed it myself (;
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You have to replace the missing/non-matching icons in '/usr/share/inkscape/icons/icons.svg' with those of the uploaders set! 
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Sorry, but is it possible to knoe how you fixed it... please...
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Could you share your update ?
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Great work. I would really like to see an update too. Right now only two icons are not monochrome (spray can, eraser).
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This is a well done icon set, I love it. I was wondering how much more you still have to do and how long we could expect to see an update?
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tks a lot.
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I'm new to linux!! and I would like to install your icons but I don't know how to extract the zip file.
I get a message saying that I don't have the permission to do this.
I only tried to do this in the graphical way...
Can you explain it to me... having in mind that I don't understand very well the console commands.

I love your Icons!!!!!
Paulo from Portugal, Lisbon
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