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SimplyGrey 0.3

*** UPDATE: New version available here: [link] ***

I've been working on this for a while and I think it's ready for a beta release :). This is a very early version, expect missing icons.

The theme is entirely color-free, just three shades of grey ;).

inkscape theme here:

Have a look at the previews:
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Nice looking! :iconredheartsplz:
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Beautiful concept champ !
Just Shades of grey ! love that !
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That's really nice :D !
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Great icon set! Keep on truckin' with this! I'd love to see a full release. :)
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thanks :D
I'm actively working on this theme but I'm aiming to make this theme very complete so there's ALOT of icons left to make :)
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I like them too much!! *o*
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Best icon theme for linux ever!
PLEASE: can you make a XFCE version for Xubuntu?
It would be much appreciated! ;-)
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This icontheme should work fine in xfce, altough there would probably be even more icons missing :P. I'm working on that though :)
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Yes, it works but some icons have not the right names... =)

Are you planning to make a aMule icon? I miss it!
Thank you very much, keep on with the good work!!
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Great theme! :)
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Only 'nice' ?

Awesome yeah baby !! *\o/*
Thank you, nice work :)
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