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Ambiance plasma theme

Well this went faster than I thought...

Here's a first release of my port of ambiance to plasma (there's still some things to be done though, view it as a beta release ;))

credit to ramzea for klipper icon [link] and the ubuntu artwork team for some of the other mono icons


a couple more mono icons
hover/focus on buttons
lineedit focus
a few minor fixes

fixed an issue with the panel when set to "Windows can cover"

removed blur under shadows

made tooltips more opaque when blur is off (for readability)

changed selection hover image

added a couple of mono icons

updated some elements that were still using backgrounds from uniq (which it's based on), most notably krunner

added opaque elements for when compositing is off
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I tried to install this in my ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme but it does not show up in the Global Theme system settings.

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Fantastic theme, i do love the ambiance colors :D
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I really like that, well done.
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Thanks for sharig :D
can you advice any emerald(smaragd) theme to match this setup? oxygen windeco is too slow on my pc..
man, you made me switch to kde once again!
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It's widely better than the original one! You're great!
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the master of plasma!
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Wow amazing work been trying out kde for a few weeks now this is the best theme i have seen yet :)
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Interesting, nice job done. But in general I do not believe that Kubuntu and Ubuntu should look alike. If someone prefers ubuntu looks, then he or she simply uses Ubuntu, there's no need to change the originality of the brilliant KDE to just look like Ubuntu's GNOME (let me add that a unique style for Kubuntu instead of KDE's default style is a different matter). Your work is great though (I wrote in general not specifically) and thanks a lot for that :-)

The style and color scheme still need to be a combination of dark and light colors of Ambiance in order to have a perfect port of Ambiance.

I'm waiting for style and color scheme... ;)
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I disagree with the "if you want it to look like X use X", it's not all about looks, if you prefer how KDE works you should be able to get the best of both worlds. That said, I agree that it shouldn't be default in Kubuntu.

I can't make any guarantees about a widget style atm
Awesome screenshot. can you please share which kde style colour theme you are using?
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thanks, it' just a quick mod of oxygen [link]

with #E47835 and #E95C21 for the windeco shadow
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Well, in terms of perfect integration you win. :thumbsup: IMHO, Kubuntu should have a theme option that would make it a unified member of the family, and this proves it's not far behind human imagination / skills.

I'm not *buntu aesthetics freak, but this rocks...
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Thanks, I asked some kubuntu devs yesterday and they seemed interested, we'll see where that goes
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Perfect! Good luck and I hope you'll make it to the ISO! :)
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man u're awesome as always.... :)
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Cool idea and looks good.
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