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Avatar: Legend of Korra Boot Tutorial pt. 1

Link to part 2: i[link] This will cover how to assemble the pattern.

9/9/12 Here is a link to Hamano-ayumi's Korra pictures: [link]
She modified my pattern and combined it with moccisan tutorial. Don't they look great?

1-31-13 Here is a link to hannahlayse [link] also used and modified the pattern for her Korra costume. Congratulations on winning first place with your partner! :)
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Never thought about commenting, but thanks so much for the tutorial! I used it for a convention last year and it worked amazingly!  Thanks again!!
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Glad I could help. If you want, you can send me a link to a picture of your costume and I'll add it to the list of people in the comment section who have used the tutorial. :)  
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Great, I think this is going to be very useful!
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I hope it helps. If you end up making a pair of boots using this pattern let me know and send me a like to a picture of them and I'll post it. :)
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Thank you so much! I'm making my Korra cosplay for Halloween and this is super-helpful. :)
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Thank you so so much for this! I was planning on buying UGG boots and modifying them myself, but this will look much more authentic :) Thanks again! :D
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thanks, i really love it, and will use that to my korra cosplay!
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Cool, glad to help. Love to see how they come out.
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it's finished, i won first place with my partner. Uploading the photos on my deaviantart.
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That's so cool! Congratulations on your win! I've added a link to your pictures in with my comments on the boots. Thank for showing me your work, I love seeing how different people are tackling making the Korra costume.
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\o/ ok! me too! ^^ i have a blog just about me and my cosplays, and your tutorial is in the list to be published any time!
Ah, if you want to see, here the bad video of presentation T-T


I forgot some moves and almost blew it.
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