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The Ee are a strange species, with a complicated past. Their gangly, disproportionate bodies have a ghoulish aura about them to some races.
It's believed that their ability to communicate through infrasound, inaudible to many species, is what allowed them to pull off their most incredible deceit(they being a deceitful races, xenophobic in nature). They enslaved an advanced race called the Parisae, by having them believe they had contracted an ancient disease accidentally conjured by the Xilophor(…, and that the Ee were the only ones who could make the cure. In fact, the medicine given them was a narcotic, which ensured the Parisae kept coming back for more. The Ee sapped their technological prowess, and used them as powerful warriors to defend the Eer-Pasi Union.
Eventually the Alliance intervened, and the liberated Parisae became great allies, but even then the Ee showed technological sophistication of their own, even once succeeding in time travel, although their efforts to destroy the Alliance were thwarted. 
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