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I'd like to see fender mounted mirrors on this!

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ScifiwarshipsProfessional Digital Artist

That's the plan, but we'll see.

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perfect proportions for a small gt (dino,manta...). reflections are showing the fine work done on wheel arches, I mean, fenders aren't just cutouts. side view is the one I prefer, fact is I'm not really loving the double bubble roof but I know it adds dynamism to the shape.

it's very zagato to me, if you're aiming at zagato looks you should also add some quirky lines at glasses. I guess it worked this way: they focused on putting personality by designing strange windows. this is a great work imho; I've just written some free speech considerations and I may be mistaking all the way so don't get me wrong. great work, very coherent.

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ScifiwarshipsProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you very much for showing such an interest in my work! Your oponions are much appreciated. Honest feedback is the only way to grow as an artist.

I can see exactly where you are coming from with regards to the double bubble roof. I did off course steal it from Zagato, and just like you I'm not too much of a fan of their side windows, so I omitted that. I did try to make the double buble a bit of a theme at the bach of the car as well, with a bump for the exhaust. I've always loved cars, ever since I was a kid but this is the first time I've ever tried to design one, so weird bits are bound to show up from lack of experience.