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SBF Cressida secondary weapons deployment 5



This is the secondary weapon system on the battlecruiser Cressida. Here we see the final stage of deployment. This Turret system also has the ability to deploy as starfighters.
The Gun cradle also doubles as a launch system, and the battlecruiser carry 42 of these fighters/turrets.
The whole concept here was to design and build a flying cannon. The system is actually a manned tactical battery that can be depoyed independently from the battlecruiser, as well as being part of the ship structure.

In this image we see the four fold away sensor booms fully extended. The drum at the rear contain it's fusion reactor and four secondary engines. It swivels to provide directional thrust and forward fire for braking. The main engines are at either side of this, and there are several smaller thrusters at each corner.
It doesn't sow very clearly here, but the cockpit also doubles as an escape pod with it's own set of engines.
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Fancy idea, that for sure.