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Praemos station

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This is a space station I made in August/September 2010 for a live theatre group i Hawaii, called Theatricus. I was invited to make some designs for a play they were going to do.(free of charge of course, but you get what you pay for...) Anyway, the brief called for an orbital station with 70+ fighter bays, a fighter and not much more.
This is what I came up with. The station is roughly 2km in diameter, a flying saucer shape, with fighter docks in the tips of the large flying buttresses, and two sizes of larger vessel dockingbays all around the perimeter of the disc. I went for a saucer shape because there was a limited time frame, and this was the easiest shape to replicate in SU. I also chose this shape because a space station is a stand alone object, and I wanted a complete shape and not something that looked like it was detatched from a larger entity. There are many ways to make space stations, and the disc shape is a bit dangerous as it's been done to death by soo many better designers, but I think I at least managed to put my own spin on it.
Aw, hell enough with the explanations! It is what it is. Hope you like it.
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