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Sun Tutorial By Adienvenis

By scifisrc
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**Firstly i'd just like to appologise not only to adien but everyone else for not being active. I hardly have time for my own account and work/school/being social is a bitch to keep up with art.....**

This tutorial explains how to make a sun for space scenes, I think you figured that out I worked on this in three days about some 5 hours work (I took my time). I used this technique (with some other effect on it) on my latest scene called: "Transmission failed". So you can use this for whatever you want, but I think that it's best for a sun though. The picture I made in this tutorial has to bright colours though to be a sun, but they only are needed to give you an idea not to show the best you can make of it

Have fun!

Edit: I forgot to tell you guys that with the brush making you should change the texture mode to multiple so I edited the picture to it and it should work now
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Ground-Zero1Hobbyist Digital Artist
This helped out alot thank you for the awesome tutorial!
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LadyAndTardisHobbyist General Artist
This is coming in handy. Thanks ^_^
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catelee2uHobbyist General Artist
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Thanks! It helps me a lot :)
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NinjaQteeHobbyist Photographer
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Sun-like-RainHobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant tutorial, I used it here :)
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Icarian-FlightHobbyist General Artist
nice tutorial ^^ *+fav*
I will try it later today
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TheDeviantIndigoProfessional Photographer
This helped a lot, love my sun :)

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Wow! Very nice and simple! Thanks you!
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AidenVennisStudent Interface Designer
Whahaha, found my own tutorial again ^_^. But hey, you misspelled my own (old) namen, it's Aiden :P
kristarella's avatar
Cool tute, wasn't what I was searching for exactly, but I'll keep it in mind for the future :)
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Nice pice of work mate! :)
LightOfRevival's avatar
Absolutely awsome!! :clap;never seen a better sun tut,that's for sure! :winner:
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YumeStock Photographer
ummmmm........this tutorial is copyrighted to someone else on DA
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Nice and very easy technic, thanks :)
walkingstranger's avatar
This is going to come in really really handy. :clap: Thanks
DieTotePuppe's avatar
It looks a little like an explosion on the top image, just what i have been looking for.
an explosion like sun :D
great work, i will try it out later on tonight.
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Nicely done I got the same result from your example when I did it myself.
thelittlestdragon's avatar
Fabulous, I'm bookmarking this one so if I ever have a need for this I'll know what to do! :+fav:
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I think what I like most about this aside from its usefulness factor is that its not software-specific. I could do this in PSP, even though most of the stuff on this site I've seen is for PhotoShop(which I just plain can't afford). Thank ya man!
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Then download it like 75% of these people do lol
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sweet thanks for sharin!!
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wachowicz Writer
yeah, very nice. I've been lookin' everywhere for something like this ! ;-)
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SebbythefreakProfessional Filmographer
woah pretty sweet!
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