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All made in free Sketchup7, a direct 2D export, no renders used. Postwork: Artweaver. Color edit: Fotor
I'm realy pleased how this turned out, it has that Hong Kong feel & comic book vibe & tells the basic story with 1 shot ... ''it's a trap'' was my 2nd title ;)

Fun fact: I've used photos of the real movieprop that was used in the 5th Element to model & texture the NYPD car & created the garbage truck from GITS:)

Wow! 400+ favs the 1st day, thanx a lot guys  :D cheerzzz
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wow, do you think you can export this in .xps ?  Lets private message , i have an animation projection based on Blade Runner
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It's skp currently, so u tell me
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So did you create the models in Sketchup, then paint them in another program?
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Nope everything was modeled & textured in Sketchup & some postwork in Artweaver
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Did you create all the models or use models from the warehouse?
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LMAO, Not to be arrogant, but show me one model on the warehouse that looks anything like this :D
I always model & texture everything myself, unless mentioned otherwise in the description
so incase u need any help, feel free to ask, or check my tutorials
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Lol. Yeah I didn’t see anything this cool but I thought I’d make sure. I’m very impressed with what you have done.
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Didn't think it was even possible 10y ago, surfing the warehouse to be honest
Thanx a lot, it's not Zbrush or Daz 3D, but i guess i have developed my own niche over the years
...i have a warehouse account aswell, same username if u like to see my shizzle in 3D 
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Wow. I’ll have to check that program out.
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Well there's a free version, which i use :D
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wonderful work, love how beat up the cop car looks.
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I made it from the real movie prop :D cheerzzz
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Thanx ...i see your comments everywhere on DA, where do u buy the time? :D
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I end up having to delete a lot of art in my inbox just to help clear things out. -_-
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lol, i know what u mean,i hardly can keep up these days
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And then there's that stupid comment limiting thing, apparently to prevent spam. -_-
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There is a limit? i guess i've never commented enough in a row
u can Always skip ''your welcome'' then u can comment twice as much :D
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Omg! It's amazing, friend!! Heart Heart 
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I'm thrilled, thank u very much :happybounce: 
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Hey i've used sketchup. is sketchup7 like an enhanced version of it? 
(i love sketchup, but haven't used it in millennia)

this is a real cool picture!
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