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~ Roxa in the wind ~

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Art and character © SCIFIJACKRABBIT 2017
Graffiti texture designs used belong to their respected owners.

Pup shmup! :heart:

The mysterious yet adorable Roxie x Luna fusion puppy returns!

(Overdue Update 15/June/17: Changed up the graffiti as I wasn't satisfied with it before -w-'')

~ Roxie in the wind ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT 

Mature Content

~ Roxa in the wind ~ XL by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

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Wolfpridex's avatar
so cute and sexy i wanna be her baby😍
AxelRoyPrower's avatar
She’s a lot happier than I’d be in the wind! 
SofiaLaJoya's avatar
A pup with puppies. 😂
Elykitsune's avatar
Found my new waifu XD
like if she was real I would date her ^\\^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Wow how stunning this looks visually^^ Well done overall!
now i cant stop thinking of roxie and luna doing the dbz fusion dance
NaikouWishu's avatar
If this is one of your characters.. or oc, can I draw her? :0
suntwilig's avatar
sexy the girl!
it she cubby?
Goldham92's avatar
she's cute O////O
Goldham92's avatar
*jaw drops* O////O
Viroxus's avatar
LibertyBleeds's avatar
Narko-Loli's avatar
Looks amazing, well did it.
Would you draw more pigs as you did before?
suntwilig's avatar
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Very lovely tho. :)
DeadCobra's avatar
SquareofOne's avatar
Seems to rock Luna's colors more though.
GaiaNex's avatar
Nice, hope to see more fusions in the future :D
wolfbane001's avatar
She is really cute and pretty. X3 Nice work!
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