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scifiguy9000's Profile Picture
Brendan Hulse-Storr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi, my name is Brendan Hulse-Storr, but mostly everyone here calls me 'Scifiguy'.
I am a digital artist, a sometime writer, and occasional photographer of places I visit to even sketches I draw on a page from my sketchbooks.

I love 80's music, rock music, pop music, and other types like Anime music, video game music or music that doesn't suck.
I enjoy movies that are superheroes, sci-fi like Star Wars, to even TV like comedies and cartoons like the Simpsons.
I love comic book collecting, drawing, surfing the web, car boot sales, watching cartoons/anime, and PIZZA! :D

I am hoping to one day to become a comic artist and writer in the future and create many great comic titles!
Titles like 'The Star-Knights', 'Cosmic Pirates', and many more!
These, and any digital artwork like the occasional fan art, or something funny, are what what you will find when you explore my gallery!
Have fun! B-)

Current Residence: York
Favourite genre of music: Rock, pop and 80's
Favourite style of art: Comic art.
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Spider-man, Hulk, Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, Mario, Batman and many more :)


Tomorrow's Joe
To those not sure what this is, it's basically a boxing manga/anime.
Astro Boy
One of a few many (or best chosen photos) from my Manga trip!
With this incredible statue of Astro Boy himself! :D (Know one or two people that'll love this)
So, as the status states, I have now become an uncle to a healthy (and as I'm told, quite big) baby girl called Jemima.
Uncle Brendan, here! :D

My sister was surprised, as she was sure it was going to be a boy, and I am a little disappointed, but glad the baby's alright. (Besides, I'll tell hew Thomas the Tank Engine stories, and then later on try and get her into sci-fi and pop culture regardless. :D)

Another update is that I have been given a scanner/printer that cost 20 pounds! Now I won't have to take photos whenever I do traditional art! :D I have yet to install it as I had a really busy week, on the account that my half sister came to stay until Friday.
Plus, I can print out my work to sell to get by!

Also, a quick update and an announcement related to this:
So, I am planning a series about a bug themed group of teenage heroes, summoned to save the world from mosquito themed monsters, and their underlings, and they have elemental powers to help them win.
After many crappy titles, I finally settled on 'B-Force' thanks to an approval from my half sister.
So, expect that at some point...
And that's were the announcements come in.

Now, as my last journal states:  24 now, and announcements...Welp, I am now 24 years old, and one year away from being a quarter century old...
Thanks for giving me birthday wishes watchers, friends and even random people that just dropped in to give me a happy birthday wish! I really appreciate that! :)
Maybe my 25th here might be more epic and fun next year, who knows...
Also, I now have 2,000 deviations on my account now! Didn't have a good chance on drawing a pic to celebrate it...but when was a the last time you've seen a veteran DA artist do that these days?
For the big meat of this journal, I have been given an opportunity to get help with getting my artistic career up and running with this small start by possibly getting a position as a freelance artist and maybe get payed commissions next year hopefully. SOOOOOO....that might mean I would get a little income while I work on my own projects. Cool! So that would be something to do that will hopefully get me noticed for art employment and in turn, get me closer to being a comic creator.

See, I have decided to redevelop and revamp Star-Knights as I am starting to think it needs a lot more work. I am thinking of working on character design for the main heroes so far...
But then there's quite a few...changes and problems...

See, there is a blue member for B-Force, and has the power of water...and is based on a Dragonfly.
Before you ask :'But you already have a Blue Dragonfly', don't you?'
Yes, I do, but listen: Blue was suppose to be a Butterfly, but it ended up being Pink instead. Plus, every time I think on this, a B-Force member, whose suit is a Dragonfly, and wields the power of makes more sense.

So, I might redesign BD and add it for B-Force, although I doubt it'll be the same guy...(or if it's a boy or not)
It really depends. I mean, I like the same guy to be with the the fivesome/sixsome I planned, and I might use the old design, but rework it as it's own thing, but not a depends. We'll see cause I don't wanna cancel this.

And names: See, other than there're is very likely that there'll be a different 'Blue Dragonfly', there's another possibly that code names might get changed.
I mean, I recently learned that Marvel Comics already made someone named 'Crescent'.
Here's what she looks like, I think she originally came from a game and has recently joined the main comics:……

Why this is a big deal? Well, as a mental rule to myself, I try NOT to use name ideas for superheroes that's been done by Marvel or DC. Frustrating, I know, I just want to come in with a new idea.

For names, something like 'Red Star', 'Blue Star' etc. Basic, I know, but it's still in thought process. Might see if I can make creative names, again, we'll just see.

I'll let you know what is going on with it, and I'll keep you noted.
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