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Outpost 212 (Mulberry Type Station)

Based on the C-S Type Depots, Mulberry Type stations are designed to use the standardized cargo pods of the Ptolemy and Hercules classes, where the components can be moved to a location and assembled them in under a week. unlike the C-S Depots, Mulberry type stations are designed function even without the additional cargo pods, but the station capabilities can be greatly improved by the addition of up to four pods.

Inspired by 
RobCaswell's Depot 37, found here:…
(made using :iconcaptshade: part sheets)

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I think there are almost endless possibilities for a station like this one! Like you can clearly have a version with 1-2 permanent pods with extra living space with an habitat for either long-term habitation or for agriculture, that would make the station a stop-by point for most starships wanting to get fresh food and supplies :) .

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Human Ingenuity 101. Very nice idea! <3

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Slick... I’ll take it!
(Pays $10000)
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Latium will do just fine

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a slight modification of that layout would allow 6 containers to be docked to the cenrral hub

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Kirk McCoy Nod

Should we add another pod for Sick Bay, or for Spock's research?

Not that the green blooded library needs more holonovels to read.

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I don't now why but there's just something about those Starfleet containers that I find really cool. Maybe its their versatility and how creative you can get with them. (Who knew that cylindrical containers could be so interesting, at least to a Trekkie geek.):D

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