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Tau'ri Fleet: Ellis Class or BC-304B Class 2055


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The Tau'ri Federation Republic Space Navy has decommissioned and replaced most of the BC-304 Cruisers in the year 2055 with a new Class of cruisers called the Ellis Class Battleship carrier cruiser or BC-304B Cruiser. The federation's engineers statement that it would take 2 years to build a single BC-304B at one of their Galactic shipyards. This Cruiser now had the most advanced weapon systems Obtained from their Alien Allies that agreed to give them the Next Step in Weapon technology. The Cruiser Design was a hybrid design from the ancient warship designs and pasted Tau'ri Ship design. The BC-304B is about 600-675 meters in length, 120-135 meters in width and 210.5-236.84 meters in height/depth. The Ship could have a crew of 600 crew members to maintain the ships systems. The ship could hold up to 1,500 passengers to transport people to other planets or to other Galaxies.
The weapons systems of the new Class were improved. The ship has 96 Railgun Turrets to shoot down enemy fighters and bombers that would try to attack the Ship or surrounding it. The BC-304B had 6 Asgard beaming weapons 2 more Asgard beaming weapons on board to use in Ship to ship is the BC-304 did. The ship has 48 missile Tubes to launch 480 A.F.S.H. missiles, nuclear warhead missiles, Enhanced Naquahia-Nuclear warheads and other types of missiles. The ship has the same armory and the BC-304 but bigger for more armaments.
They add to the ship their newest ship to ship weapon design from their Scientist's and engineer's and learned from the Asgard database. The ship now has 10 newly reversed designed Asgard Plasma Cannons* that the Tau'ri can use in their technology thanks to the Asgard database along with the Asgard beaming Weapons and now were required to but installed on each Galactic class of the Federation ships with a selected number of Plasma New Plasma Cannons provide the Tau'ri an equal footing in Ship to ship combat in their galaxy with the Jaffa Nation and the Lucian alliance ship firepower. The BC-304B had 2 hangers of the carrier were inside the main frame of the near the Outer edge of the Ship at the middle and rear of the Ship. The hangers were twice as large as the BC-304 hangers and could hold 30 Tau'ri fighters in each hanger for a total of 60 Tau'ri Fighters.
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Love the work.