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Star wars Terran Scout ship



As of October of 2033 the Planetary Nation: United States has for the past few months have been construction Mankind's 1st interstellar star-ship to explore the solar system and maybe beyond. Recently with the Research and developed of the Rataka Hyper-dive completed with them the U.U.S.A. giving the plans of their own version of the Rataka hyper-dive prototype the U.S. has the finally piece of the puzzle to finish researched, developed and construction of Mankind's 1st Interstellar Scout ship named the RJ-208 or Ranger class scout ship to explore the universe faster. The RJ-208 is a lot larger than the RJ-208 Space shuttle; the RJ-208 is 260.4 meters in length, 52.08 meters in width and 60 meters in height/depth. The construction time to have a RJ-208 or Ranger class ready of service would be 27.4195 days at normal production at one large shipyard. The RJ-208 would have a crew of 96 crew-members to maintain ships systems and can carry 315 passengers. The RJ-208 is powered by a hyper-matter reactor to power its advance weapons, Advance Proportion systems and life support systems.

The RJ-208 has an Auxiliary bridge control, and a Galactic Map of the Galaxy*, a Self-destruct system as a last resort and escape pods to evacuate the ships crew. The RJ-208 defenses were an U.S. 1st generation shield generator to generate powerful shields and 41 Anti-spacecraft laser turrets to shoot down enemy fighters or Bombers. the RJ-208 armaments: 20 missile launch tubes to launch I.S. missiles among other missiles. The RJ-208 would 2 Engine units installed it, 1st 2 Capital Sub-light Engines and 111 thrusters (to move the RJ-208 Right, left, and down in space), 2nd 6 traditional supersonic Jet engines for the Fighter to move the craft inside a planets atmosphere. they give the Ranger class Scout ship or the RJ-208 class prototype to the U.S. Government begin mass production Mankind's 1st interstellar spacecraft to defend against any Human interstellar spacecraft or Alien Interstellar threat.
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