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Gallery Folders

[OTS/KSM] Operation Dawn - Assault squad Alpha by Riveda1972
DLC Astronomy
DBZ (Kakarot)- Planets by Silverado117
GALAXY with Photoshop - 001 by ulimann644
Mars Photorealistic by Marcelievsky
SOL-SYSTEM - Lightwave 9.2 by ulimann644
DLC Buildings and facilities
Star Trek: Jupiter Station Pack (FBX XPS OBJ) DL by Honorsoft
[MMD + OBJ] BSG inspired Hallway DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
MMD Stage High Rise UE4 2020 by UnrealXActor
MMD: Moon base by kaahgomedl
DLC Characters
Cyborg X.0271 by ZEKHAT
[MMD] C6V3 Jako Shik soldier (Black) MODEL DL by Riveda1972
[MMD] Jako Shiks black outfit (Models DL) by Riveda1972
My femShep in Mass Effect Legendary Edition by Riveda1972
DLC Outfits
[MMD] SciFi Visor - Download by Riveda1972
[MMD] Spaceballs trooper outfit DL by Riveda1972
[Free Texture] Stargate Atlantis Uniform for M4 by MurbyTrek
[Free Texture] Stargate Atlantis Uniform for V4 by MurbyTrek
DLC Props - Non warfare
[MMD] Constraints Frame set DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
[Free Prop] Stargate Command Monitor by MurbyTrek
The Dillion Collection by mdbruffy
Ship's Dedication Plaques and maps by mdbruffy
DLC Sceneries and environments
[3D] SciFi Crew Quarters stage DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
[MMD] KSM Interrogation Room by Riveda1972
MMD Halo Stage Pack DL by UnrealXActor
Planet ring by FabioMk
DLC Space ships
[MMD] SciFi Transport Shuttle DL by Riveda1972
Starship 01X for XNA Posing Studio by jormunartserpent
Jabba's Skiff freebie by dazinbane
Argo OBJ by dmaland
DLC Space stations and starbases
Battlefront 2 Death Star by BlinkJisooXPS
Scifi Doohickey OBJ by dmaland
3D orbital station .obj by alkhor
Solaran Beacon Outpost DAZ by dmaland
DLC Non space vehicles
Jabba's barge Freebie package by dazinbane
[Free Prop] Stargate MALP MAT by MurbyTrek
Pomeranian Racer by NikolayAsparuhov
The Mary Ann by mdbruffy
DLC Spacecraft various
[MMD] X9 Warbird (Download) by Riveda1972
DLC Weaponry - Heavy
'Quake 4' SMC Gravtank XPS ONLY!!! by lezisell
DLC Weaponry - Light
[MMD/OBJ] KSM Jian Sword DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
DLC Textures and shaders
Excelisor textures by mdbruffy
[MMD] SciFi Bath Tub DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972
REF 2D reference sheets and blueprints
Terran Federation Malta class Destroyer Overview by larrynguyen0096
REF 2D Concept design
Brute concept by NikolayAsparuhov
REF Tutorials and external resources
ART Renderings
Hauptzentrale - Perry Rhodan by Martechi
ART 3D prints and miniatures
Writings - Journals, requests and so on
STAR TREK - TIMELINE: Finale auf Krendara by ulimann644
WIPS - Work in progress
[WIP] KSM Typhoon class Strategic Stealth Cruiser by Riveda1972

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Group UNDER CONSTRUCTION, stay tuned
This group is focused on sharing FREE 3D resources for sci-fi addicted 3d modellers, animators and artists. We also share 3d renderings, tutorials, 2D reference sheets and concept art, but the main focus is on sharing FREE 3d models for sci-fi addicted fans.
This is not a showcase where to sell models and assets. Only freely downloadable resources can be posted here.

Also, please try to submit models in "popular" formats, keeping an eye on easy portability and conversion issues. It's not strictly required but appreciated if you share your models in easely reuseable formats (like OBJ, FBX and LWO), regardless of what is your favourite 3d software.
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This group is born to share free sci-fi 3d resources (models, textures, reference sheets, and so on). Our main goal is not the final artwork (altough we have some art galleries) but to share the resources needed to make 3d artworks.

It's a big lack that modellers and 3d artists often have serious difficulties in finding useful resources for their artworks, unless they go on commercial websites like turbosquid, renderosity, cgtrader and so on. Also, some useful sites which gave out free models in the past, seem to have now a lot of troubles in keeping themselves working, or either in managing user registrations.

This wants to be a meeting point, where both modellers and final 3d artists can share their passion for science fiction and 3d modelling/posing/animating.
Choosing to share a handmade model which costed a lot of hours or days or weeks of hard work is a great demonstration of generosity and kindness, and nothing to take for granted. We have absolutely nothing against modellers who decide to not share their work, or to share them only for a fee. But this is not the group focus.

Our focus is to help final 3d artists in finding reuseable contents for free. To help newbie modellers and 3d fan to start modelling and to improve their modelling skills. To share knowledges, ideas, references, links and so on.

Note: this is not a place where to share a few low-ploy sample models just to encourage perople in buying the improved versions for a fee. Again, we respect and we have absolutely nothing against modellers who decide to earn from their creative and hard work. But this group is not born to be used as a showcase for commercial resources.


:bulletgreen: DLCs and artworks must be SCI-FI related
:bulletgreen: DLCs and artworks must be 3D related
:bulletgreen: Published DLCs must be downloadble and useable for free
:bulletgreen: Any kind of SCI-FI genre is accepted
:bulletgreen: Space related items are accepted although from "real world"
:bulletgreen: Space and real astronomy related contents are accepted
:bulletgreen: All 3d file formats are accepted for DLCs
:bulletyellow: Submit DLCs and artworks in the proper folders
:bulletyellow: The Featured gallery is admin managed
:bulletyellow: Game assets are allowed only under Fair Use guidelines
:bulletred: Always give proper credits for 3rd party contents/resources
:bulletred: Be polite, educate and constructive to other members
:bulletred: Links passing through AD-based url shrinkers are forbidden
:bulletred: Pure showcases for commercial models are forbidden
:bulletred: Redistribution of commercial resources is forbidden


When a group grows up it becomes hard to manage it when members load their stuffs randomly or in the first folder they find listed. So you're courtesly invited to submit in the proper gallery.

All galleries marked by the DLC prefix concern DownLoadable Contents. Mainly 3d models but also 2d resources like textures and backgrounds.

All galleries marked by the ART prefix concern final artworks

All galleries marked by the REF prefix concern reference sheet images, blueprints, skecth concepts or tutorials

When in doubt about which is the proper destination folder, please ask an admin or submit into the UNCATEGORIZED folder (admins will choose as soon as possible the proper gallery where to move, or will create a new folder if not present)


All 3D file formats are allowed for sharing DLCs, but please keep in mind the main goal of this group is to make easier the 3d artists' life. Some formats are more easely convertible to other software plaftorms. Many 3d modelling/rendering softwares have plugins and import/export tools to make easier the use of external formats, but always try to distribute your models without forcing people to use a specific software, specially if you're sharing models made using commercial software like 3d max, Maya, C4D or "exotic" softwares.

Consider that for some commercial formats there are no legal plugins to import in other softwares. For example Blender users who wanted to import a 3ds or a C4D model are left with no choice other than to buy the same commercial software used to make the model or to find some "shortcut" to get the way to convert the model in a format they can use.

So you're gently invited to even distribute a "portable" version using some open or universally supported format, like OBJ, FBX or Collada.
This is not a strict requirement for your submissions, but one of our goals is to drop down the barriers actually preventing final users in finding useful models. Having no easy chance of conversion from a specific commercial file format is definitively a barrier. An unwanted one.


As stated in the group rules, both strictly sci-fi stuffs and real world astronomy/space stuffs are allowed. This is because even a real world object (let's say an artificial satellite, an existing asteroid, a handgun) can be properly used for sci-fi purposes. Just think about the StarGate series or other popular sci-fi movies and novels, mixing together real world matters and fiction ones.
Submitted stuffs don't have to be strictly futuristic. Just use your common sense when submitting general purpose or contemporary stuffs, thinking about the predicted use artists will make of them.



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Kodai-Okuda Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Attention SciFi-3D-Share...again.

My 3D meshes, object files, etc. that are for Nexus Arcana (TM) are NOT for sharing, or sale. My answer to your queries about adding those pieces to your gallery will always be no because your members will NOT be allowed to have the object files or texture files since I don't own them, Yesod Publications llc does.
Nexus Arcana art is posted on my gallery for MARKETING of the Nexus Arcana Science Fiction novel series and no other reason. They are works for hire that I get PAID to create.
Riveda1972 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is that a problem even if only sharing the previews?
Kodai-Okuda Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
It is if your users think they can use the art for their own fanfictions/work.
My images are Marketing for the Nexus Arcana novels, and nothing else.
I've had Deviantartists use my art on their websites for blogs, etc. and Yesod Publications llc lawyers have sent them Cease & Desist orders and in one case sued a person for using their artwork.
It's better just to not create the problem in the first place.

Kodai-Okuda Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Attention ScFi-3D-Share.
I must inform you that ALL Nexus Arcana labeled models in my gallery are owned and licensed by Yesod Publications llc and are not available for sharing.
This is why I decline your requests to add the artwork from Nexus Arcana to your gallery.
All object files, UV maps, and Textures are owned by Yesod Publications llc and are not available, nor will they be made available, to the general public for copying or sharing.

Just FYI.
Markkus3D Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much for the request :bow:
mdbruffy Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2019
What about items that could be either scifi or not?

Playpen Playpen by mdbruffy   
dumbbells Dumbells by mdbruffy
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