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MineCraft Creeper



Found Minecraft recently, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. A very simple pixelated 3D game where players construct things out of various blocks of landscape material ... oh yeah, and there are monsters that come out at night. So hurry up and build yourself a shelter.

This is my realistic take on one of the monsters, called a Creeper. - [link]

The amount of times I've jumped off a bridge because I thought I'd heard the quiet hissing noise they make, just before they EXPLODE. O.O

I've seen a few other takes on the creepers compare to bushes, shrubs and cactus-type monsters, but I decided to go for a slightly 'mollusc-y' feel ... with hippo feets. :3

Anyway, enjoy! And go try minecraft. It's a ton o fun.

Artwork is (c) Scifer.
Minecraft is (c) Mojang studios
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I really like this design for the creeper, I always see designs that have really scary detailing with the mouth open but I feel like they wouldn't make the hissing sound with there mouth wide open and full of teeth, also its kind of cute too