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By scidram
I wasn't able to go to SizeCon last year because the date didn't work for me. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I would have had the guts to go. I have a career that I'd be embarrassed about the possibility--however remote because I live three hours away--of running into someone I knew in real life. Being unable to go because of other conflicts allowed me to sigh in relief and then live vicariously through the comments others made afterward.

Flash forward to the announcement of the dates for SizeCon 2017. I knew there wouldn't be a conflict. Couldn't use that as an excuse not to go. The drive would only be three hours, so that wasn't a reason not to go. I could bring a hat and sunglasses to hide my face if I felt I needed to, but I still couldn't use that as a reason not to go. Then came the announcement that SizeCon 2018 wasn't a guarantee, and that became the reason I HAD TO GO. I didn't want to miss out.

To go with the obvious pun, it truly was a transformative event.

A few weeks before the Con, I confirmed with Veronica that I would be coming and would be attending the writers panel. Because I've done some SW writing (and have a degree in writing), I asked if there was any way to join the panel. Boom! It happened, and it was fun doing the final planning through the Slack channel with the other writers. I couldn't wait to meet them in person, and the panel was not only loads of fun but insightful listening to other people's writing processes.

I was also asked if I wanted a booth in the Artists Alley. Though hesitant at first, I asked for one, though I had no idea how many copies of my SW books to bring. I ultimately settled on five copies of each of my three books. Out of the fifteen I brought with me, only one was left at the end of the Con. Wow!

It was amazing that people wanted to buy them, but it was even more amazing (and truly surreal) that people there knew me for my work. More than once did someone do a double-take upon realizing who I was. That was flattering.

But I'm sure I fanboyed to others. My booth was next to The Minimizer's, and it was incredible watching him sketch a shrunken woman in a jar for GiantGripper. I shared a table with Cezar Nix, who I've known for a while now--we've given each other feedback on our books before publishing them--and it was great to meet this friend in person. We were near J. Yubari, Mac Rome, Valeyard Vince, and the whole ___Fan team (fill in that blank with Shrink, Giantess, Vore, Expansion, etc.). My first script in their ShrinkFan line comes out next month, and it was great to be able to thank them for the opportunity to have my story illustrated. I can't wait for everyone to see it, because it looks beautiful!

There were so many other people I met and talked to, some from the old SW days like Patrick and The Reducer, and other names I recognized here on DA and other sites. I met really cool people like Aborigen, Praedatorius, Bonka-Chan, Soylent Orange, Anoka, TinySuperVicki, and many others. Though Gary Pranzo mostly does GTS videos, I built up the courage to talk to Velvets about how fantastic she was small in some of his SW videos.

But what impressed me the most was the complete acceptance of everyone else at the event. For many of us, no matter which portion of the Size Spectrum we fall on, this is something that we've probably kept hidden from others at various times in our lives. Before the internet, many of us thought we were odd for having these interests. It was so refreshing to be able to be completely open about it all without inhibitions. I want to thank EVERYONE for that.

And now I'm back in "real life," still in the afterglow of the Con but unable to share the experience with the people around me. Well, there was one person--a former girlfriend who I shared my "secret" with when we were together. She studied psychology and is a research therapist now, and thus was very open and understanding when I first told her. She never judged me for it, she was intrigued by it, and she willingly found ways to... well, you know. I told her about SizeCon last night, and she was very happy for me (and all of us) that the event happened. 

So major props to Bryan, Veronica, and everyone else for putting this all together (and making some major props). And Ben was an outstanding panel moderator. If the dates and location for SizeCon 2018 (or whenever the next one is) work out for me, I hope to be there.
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Cariwebo's avatar
So sorry I couldn't attend but so glad to hear how well it went! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it... :) :) :)
macromega's avatar
It was great to finally meet & spend time with you there!
scidram's avatar
Definitely! So great to put faces to screen names and be able to speak openly about it all.
aborigen-gts's avatar
I was very excited not just to pick up your hardcopy book but to meet the mind behind it. Thanks for the chat!
scidram's avatar
Thanks again, and it was a good chat.
thereducer's avatar
Great meeting you and all of the old crew and new ones.

I've got a wizard cloak on wish list to get for the next one to cosplay as my avatar sally g made.
scidram's avatar
Would like to see that cosplay! It was definitely great to meet a fellow member of the old guard.
praedatorius's avatar
It was great meeting you too, and I'm glad that we got the chance to talk. Next year I'll make sure to bring enough hats and sunglasses for all of us. XD
scidram's avatar
Yes, it was a good talk. Enjoy all the reading you've brought on your vacation!
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Wow, gotta bring more books next year, fingers crossed. ^^;x

Was nice to meet you too!
scidram's avatar
Yes, fingers crossed for next year. Nice to meet you too.
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