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My entry into SizeRiot's MyHeavenOct20 flash fiction contest, the final such contest. The theme this time was to relay one's person heaven--their particular fantasy within the realm of size fiction. I went all sexy this time around, and the readers really responded to the result. Though there wasn't any voting this time around, I received great feedback--some readers indicating that this would likely have placed highly in the "Most Arousing" categories of previous contests. Thanks to everyone who sent the feedback; I used the few bits of constrictive criticism to make some slight changes, but nothing major was edited.

Final disclaimer: This is NSFW sexy stuff between a pair of consenting adults.
© 2020 - 2021 scidram
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Fetish-Fotos's avatar

This was another winner from you, Scidram!! Thanks for always writing some of my favorite SizeRiot entries. :)

scidram's avatar

Thank you! So happy you enjoyed! And I thoroughly loved your "It's All Been Done"--it was among my Top 6!

Fetish-Fotos's avatar

So glad to hear it! I wasn't sure if it was all going to work out as I was writing or not. ;)

ElAmanteMenguante's avatar

My anonymous feedback:

I really like how the Right Person can adapt in a relationship to become the Right Size. You perfectly illustrated how a couple can accommodate each others' size needs both physically and emotionally. This is a story I wouldn't hesitate to share outside the fetish.

dodgethat's avatar

This was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

BiancaMouse's avatar

Wow.... i wish i could say more... wow... its like you pulled it out of my head. I could see it, feel it, be it. First small, a seductive toy. Then a giantess, a huge fantasy for my partner. Beautifully written! Definitely in the "Most Arousing" category. I love this!

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