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My entry into Size Riot's CruelJan20 flash fiction contest. This contest focused on three themes: accidental cruelty, psychological cruelty, and/or humiliation. Writers could choose one or combine any of the three. I'm primarily a writer of shrinking woman fiction, so writing about a shrunken man was new for me. Though I occasionally put my shrunken characters in peril, I usually don't write this kind of cruelty toward them. I used this contest to explore something different, and that was all I wanted to get out of it.

I've been fortunate that in the previous four contests, each of my stories were voted into the top few spots for a couple categories. The same held true here. The story placed third in having a striking opening line and FIRST PLACE for featuring the theme of humiliation. This is my first time topping a category--and not just any category, but one of the joint winners of the contest (one for each theme). I certainly didn't expect first place, especially after reading other fantastic stories from other fantastic writers and considering I've never written a story like this. All I can say is wow and thanks for the votes and feedback.

Before you read, note the tags and the content warning of sexual themes, strong language, and humiliation.
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