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My entry into January 2019 SizeRiot. The theme was Cruel. This story is F/f and contains bondage, nudity, violence, and some physical and psychological abuse. The theme was about cruelty, after all.

I typically don't write cruelty into my SW stories. I put my SWs in peril, and they're not always treated nicely, but I've never really gone into violence or abuse. But the theme was cruelty, and as I contemplated the extent I'd be willing to go dark, my mind mulled over connotations of the phrase "Going Dark" and an idea started forming.

The story tied for third place in two voting categories: "Which main character did you like the best?" and "Outside of the genre or theme, which story was the best-rendered?" Quite happy with that kind of reception!

I hope you enjoy, but please be forewarned it's NSFW and cruel.
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praedatorius's avatar
You've done a lot with the perspective in this story. Not only is the main character really tiny, but she views everything through the lens of an FBI agent, so mundane things like a desk lamp, a glass of water, and strip of plastic tape turn into elaborate ruses and interrogation methods, giving the reader and even more distorted view of what's going on. It's a great treatment. I hope that you'll use it again in a later story.
scidram's avatar
Thank you! I enjoy writing from this perspective--someone shrunk but not understanding (or accepting) what has happened to them as they try to make sense of their new environment. So glad you enjoyed, and I'm even more glad to be doing these quarterly writing challenges. Nice to push my creativity into new directions.
Fetish-Fotos's avatar
I did enjoy this, especially some of the visual cues. 'Two massive cargo bay doors made of cardboard' really is an interesting bit of imagery. This was one of my faves out of all of them, so thanks for writing it! :)
scidram's avatar
Thanks! I was really happy with that image when it made its way into the story. So glad you and others enjoyed it. SizeRiot was a great writing and reading experience.
Fetish-Fotos's avatar
I agree wholeheartedly! I was nervous about doing it, but had a blast writing and then reading everyone else's stories. Can't wait for the April contest!