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My entry into Size Riot's Cocktober19 flash fiction contest. No need to explain the theme, but read with the foreknowledge that it involves a certain part of the male anatomy. Very pleased with the results, as this story placed in three category questions: (1) Which story grabbed your attention from the start?, (2) Which story had characters you cared about?, and (3) Which story was the most arousing? Quite a nice threesome to place in, if I don't say so myself. This is slightly edited from the contest entry, as I changed some words and added in a sentence of two, putting it slightly over the 2000-word limit of the contest. My DA page, my rules! Enjoy!

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A great readhe read here. A nice choice having her unaware that she is shrinking as it is happening, with her justifying the changes that are occurring around her

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You did really well with this one keeping Daisy Sue's voice consistent while portraying Zeke and Paw as distinct characters.  Some might say that it's not fair for someone as sexually inexperienced as Daisy Sue to be shrunk, but I think she and Zeke have a good thing growing.
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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed! And Congrats on the second place finish with "Will Do." Young witches getting packages from grandma witch always make for fun stories, and you *ahem* rose to the challenge!